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  • 50 Kids Face Off Cards
  • 50 Parents Face Off Cards
  • 20 Kids Fast Money Cards
  • 1 Dry Erase Scoreboard
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To have the most points at the end of the game by matching the most popular survey answers.


Kids and Parents set up on opposite sides of the table. Set up the Scorepads and have a pencil ready (pencil not included).

There are four sets of cards - two sets of Kids' Cards and two sets of Parents'Cards.

Each Face Off Card contains one survey question. Each Fast Money Card contains five questions. Shuffle each set of cards separately and place the Kids'Cards face down in front of the Parents'team and Parents'Cards face down in front of the Kids team.

The teams then decide the order in which each of them answers for their team.

Each player must give his or her own answer. No team consultation is allowed.

Throughout the game, players will try to match their answers with the most popular survey answers. The game consists of six parts: 4 Face-Off Rounds - 2 Kids' Rounds and 2 Parents' Rounds - and 2 Fast Money rounds -1 Kids' Round and 1 Parents' Round.

The Scorepads

There are two kinds of Scorepads: The Face-Off Answer/Scorepad and Fast Money Scorepad.

In the Face-Off rounds, the answers and points are placed on the Face-Off Scorepad, with the number one answer and its points placed at number one, the number two answer and its points placed at two, and so on. Strikes are recorded in the Strike boxes.

A Strike is given for a response which is not on the Face-Off Question Card.

At the end of each survey question/round, the points are totaled and added to the Scorepad for each team. A new Face Off Answer Sheet is used for the next round.

In the Fast Money Bonus Round, answers are recorded on the Fast Money Answer/Scorepad.

Game Play

Face Off Pound 1

Play begins with the Parents'team asking the first Kids' question, and announcing how many responses there are on the card.

The first player gives his/her answer. If the answer is one of the correct survey responses, the answer and point value is announced by the Parents'team and the answer and score are added to the Face-Off Scorepad. If the answer is not one of the survey answers, an "X" is added to one of the three Strike Boxes.

Players continue to take turns guessing answers until all answers to the question have been correctly guessed, without getting three strikes. If the Kids'team gives three incorrect answers, receiving three strikes, their turn is over.

Points for correct answers are then added up and recorded on the Face-Off Round 1 side of the scorepad. With a new Face Off Sheet ready. Kids select a card to ask the Parents a Face-Off question.

Kids select a card from the Parents Face-Off pack announcing the question and the number of responses. Parents take turns guessing answers until all answers to the question have been correctly guessed or they receive three strikes. The Parents'score is added to the Round 1 Scorepad on the Parents'side.

Face-off Pound 2 - Double Points

Play continues as per Round 1, when points are totaled, the score is doubled and added to the Round 2 section of the Scorepad.

The Fast Money Bonus Pound - Triple Points

All players agree on a set time limit for players to answer.

The team with the highest total at the end of the first two rounds chooses which team will be first to play the Fast Money Bonus Round.

If the Kids go first, the Parents'team selects a Fast Money Question Card from the pack. The Kids decide the order players in their team will answer the five questions.

There should be no consultation or calling out.

The questions should be read in quick succession and within the time determined by the group at the start of the round.

Kids' Player One, gives the answer to Question One. If the answer matches a survey response, the answer is added to the Question One space on the Scorepad, but the score is not added.

If a Kids'team player gives an answer not on the Answer Card, the Parents'reader says, "try again". The player then has one opportunity for a revised answer to that question. If the player does not answer a surveyed answer, the space is left blank.

Question Two is then read and Kids' Player Two gives an answer.

Play continues in this manner until all five questions have been played. Scores to the answers are not totaled until both teams have played the Fast Money Bonus Round.

Kids then select a Parents'Fast Money Card and begin asking the questions. Play continues in the same manner as for the Kids' Fast Money Bonus Round.

At the end of both the Kids'and Parents'Fast Money Rounds, scores are revealed by each team, one question at a time.

Parents reveal the score of Kids' Answer One first, then Kids reveal the score of Parents' Answer One. Parents and Kids continue in turn until all scores have been revealed. Scores should then be totaled.

End of the Game

The team with the most points on their Scorepad is the winner!

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