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Gameplay for this board game differs slightly to the TV Show so we advise you take time to read the rules.


  • 50 Fast Money Cards
  • 50 Face Off Cards
  • 6 X Cards
  • 1 Fast Money Pad
  • 2 Face Off Pads
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To have the most points at the end of the game by matching the most popular survey answers.


Set up the Scorepads and have a pencil ready. (pencil not included)

Each Face Off card contains one survey question. Each Fast Money card contains five questions. Shuffle cards.

Now choose a player to be the Host. The remaining players divide into two teams. If there are an uneven number of players, make the teams as evenly balanced as possible.

Each team then decides on a Captain, the order of the other players and a team name.

Host Duties

The Host will:

  • Read the questions
  • Reveal the answers and point values
  • Mark the strikes on the scoreboard.

A calculator may be needed to total scores.

Game Play

(3 or more players)

Throughout the game, players will try to match their answers with the most popular survey answers.

Each game consists of four parts: Three Face Off rounds and The Fast Money Bonus round. For a three player game, one player acts as Host, with the remaining two playing against each other.

The Scorepads

There are two kinds of Scorepads: the Face Off Answer Pad and Fast Money/ Scorecard Pad.

In the Face Off rounds, the answers and points are placed on the Face off Answer Pad, with the number one answer and its points placed at number one, the number two answer and its points placed at two, and so on. Strikes are recorded in the Strike boxes.

A Strike is given for a response which is not on the Face Off Question Card.

At the end of each survey question/round, the points are totalled and added to the Scorecard for the winning team. A new Face Off Answer Sheet is used for the next round.

In the Fast Money Bonus Round, answers are recorded on the Fast Money Answer Pad.

The Face Off Rounds

Each round begins with a one-on-one Face Off as a player from each team tries to take control of the question by giving the more popular (not necessarily number one) answer.

Each team chooses a player for the one-on-one Face Off.

The Host reads aloud Question #1.

When either of the two players has an answer, they raise their hand (in case of a tie, the Host decides who responded first). The player then must answer the question immediately. If his answer is the top answer on the board he may choose to pass or play.

If the answer is not the top answer on the board the opposing team is given the chance to give an answer.

If their answer is placed higher, they get the chance to pass or play. If their answer is lower, control goes back to the first team.

Note: If a player fails to give an answer immediately he loses his turn.

If the player gives an answer that is not one of the top eight responses, the player on the opposing team gets to answer the question.

If both players give an answer that isn't on the survey, the second player from each team attempts to answer the question in the same order as the first two players.

In a three-player game, each player gets another chance, in turn, until the question is in play.

The answers and their point values are then written on the Face Off Answer Pad.

The team that wins the one-on-one Face Off may play the question or pass the question to the other team who then play the question. The team playing the question becomes the 'controlling team'.

Question #1: Players on the controlling team take turns guessing the answers to Question #1. Players cannot help each other answer the question.

In a three-player game, the player in control tries to give all the remaining answers before three strikes are made.

Host Duties

he Host announces how many answers there are to the survey. When a player gives a correct answer, the Host announces the answer, placement on the scoreboard (#1-8) and the corresponding points for that answer. (Writing these on the Face Off Answer Pad).

When a player gives an incorrect answer or takes too long to give an answer (determined by the Host), it counts as a strike. The Host puts one "X" in one of the three strike boxes.

Winning the Round

If the controlling team gives all the remaining answers to Question #1 without getting three strikes, the points are totalled and added to the Scorecard under their name.

If the controlling team gets three strikes before all the remaining answers are guessed, the opposing team has a chance to steal the points with each member offering a potential answer,

and the Captain deciding what she considers to be a missing/winning response. If it is on the board the opposing team win all the revealed points and they are totalled on the Scorecard. If they don't guess correctly, the controlling team gets the revealed points.

Face Off Round 2 - Double Points

Question #2: A new member from each team is chosen for the one-on-one Face Off and the Host reads Question #2 aloud. The game is played the same as in Question #1 except the point value that the Host calls out is then doubled when put on the Scorecard.

Face Off Round 3 - Double Points

Question #3: A new player from each team is chosen for the one-on- one Face Off and the Host reads Question #3 aloud.

The game is played the same as in Questions #1 and #2, the point value that the Host calls out is then doubled when put on the Scorecard.

The Fast Money Bonus Round - Triple Points

Who plays: One player from each team. The Team Captains select one member from their own team to play the Fast Money Bonus Round.

Players cannot help teammates choose the most popular answers. The Host selects a Fast Money question card and reads each of the five questions.

After each question the chosen two players give one answer each which is written on the Fast Money Answer Pad.

The player whose team had the most points at the end of the Face Off rounds answers first. The opposing player will answer second.

The questions should be read in quick succession with the Host determining the acceptable amount of time allowed for each player to answer.

The answers are written on the Scoreboard but not the scores. If a player gives an answer not on the answer card, the Host says "Try Again" the player then has one opportunity for a revised answer to that question.

You may want to nominate another player to write the answers on the Fast Money Answer Pad, as the Host will need to keep the round moving quickly. Players cannot have the same answer.

When all five Fast Money questions have been played, the Host then reveals the totals for each answer. These points are worth triple and are marked on the Scorecard. Points for all rounds are then calculated.

End of the Game

The team with the most points on the Scorecard is the winner of Family Feud.

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