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Dragon Spell

In addition to striking, stomping or screaming at the two dragons in the game, you can try to defeat them with a Dragon Spell.

Here's how it works: If you collect 3 Adventurer cards that are both all the same color and consecutive numbers (for example: red 3, 4, 5), you may discard them to earn 2 dice (instead of 3).

If you roll a 6 or higher, you defeat the dragon. Otherwise you must discard one card as a wound.

Note that this spell can only be played to defeat dragons.

Shorter Game

Remove more cards from the Dragonwood deck before playing.

Longer Game

Remove fewer cards from the Dragonwood deck, and/or play until both dragons have been defeated.

Simple Setup

Play with the entire Dragonwood deck. Game ends after two Adventure decks have been played through, or when the last Dragonwood card is revealed, whichever comes first.

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