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This variant allows a player to play a 2-player game against an automated opponent. All rules are the same unless otherwise noted.


Remove 12 cards from the Dragonwood deck as in a 2-player game (and put the 2 Dragons in the bottom half).

Put 5 cards in the landscape as normal with the deck set to the right. Deal 5 cards as normal to yourself. The opponent does not have cards. You go first.

Game Play

On your turn, always begin by drawing one card, and then take a turn as normal (so you will either draw 2 cards or draw 1 card and then attempt to capture on each turn).

If you capture something, shift cards to the left and place the new landscape card on the right.

Note: For the event card Wind Storm, discard 1 card, then draw 1 card.

On the automated opponent's turn, roll 1 die.

For rolls of a 1 or 2, the opponent's turn is over (nothing happens).

For a 3, the opponent captures the left most card (creature or enhancement) in the landscape (including if it is a dragon). Move the other 4 cards to the left and place a new card on the right.

Note: Enhancements captured by the opponent do not impact future capture attempts.

For a 4, the opponent captures the highest point creature in the landscape, with the following two exceptions:

  1. If the Cloak of Darkness is in the landscape and there are no creatures worth 5 or more, the opponent captures the Cloak instead.

  2. If the highest point card is a Dragon and it is not the left most card, roll the die again. If it is a 3 or 4, the Dragon is captured.

    Otherwise, the opponent captures the next highest creature (noting exception (1), and if only enhancements are available, the opponent captures the left most enhancement).

Note: In case of a tie for most points, the opponent captures the left most of the highest valued creatures.

End of the Game

Play until both Dragons are defeated.

Scores are calculated as usual, expect your opponent gets 2 points for each enhancement they captured (but those do not count toward the 3-point most creatures bonus).

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