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Creatures make up the bulk of the Dragonwood deck, as the aim is to defeat them and collect their associated Victory Points. (For example, a Grumpy Troll earns 4 victory points).

Victory Points are shown in the bottom left shield, and capture strength is listed next to icons on the right. (The sword is for a Strike, the boot is for a Stomp, and the face is for a Scream.

Some Creatures are easier or harder to defeat, depending on the method.(For example the Gooey Glob is very difficult to beat with a Strike and Fire Ants are easier to beat with a Stomp).


Enhancements do not give victory points but make it easier to defeat Creatures. (For example, the Silver Sword allows you to add 2 points to any Strike).

Unless otherwise indicated, Enhancements stay with you for the remainder of the game and can be used every turn. You may also have several Enhancements at the same time.

Amounts required to capture an Enhancement are shown in the same way as for Creatures and attempts to capture occur in the same way.


Events occur immediately and affect all players. Read the instructions on the card and then remove it from the game.

Replace the Landscape with another Dragonwood card.

For example, in a Thunder Storm, every player must discard 1 Adventurer card. After everyone discards 1 card, the Thunder Storm card is placed in the Dragonwood discard pile and the landscape is replenished to 5 cards.

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