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To play a solitaire game of Dice City, you will need to make the following adjustments:

  • Setup the game as normal but place a single bandit and trade ship card of each value. Each bandit and trade ship card is considered to be always available and every time you are supposed to take one, simply take the VP directly from the supply.

  • The solo variant can be played in one of two modes: normal and hard. To play the normal mode, shuffle the location deck and draw eight cards, placing them in two rows of 4 cards. For the hard mode, draw ten cards, placing them in two rows of 5 cards. These are the available cards in the display that you may build.

  • Whenever you build a location, do not draw a new location from the top of the deck. Instead, at the end of every turn, discard the bottom row of cards and draw a new row of cards (either four or five cards depending on the mode) placing them above the existing cards. Thus the top row becomes the bottom row at the end of each turn.

  • When you discard the last cards in the bottom row (after 15 turns in the normal mode and 12 turns in the hard mode), the game ends. In order to win, your score must total 50 VP or more. If you manage to beat it, then increase the score to beat by 5VP next time you play.

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