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Q: If I use a Barracks, can I put a Regular Army on a space with a die on it and use it immediately?

A: Yes, you can.

Blacksmith And Watchtower

Q: If I use the Blacksmith ability on the same turn as the Watchtower can the additional army strength be used against any target, or just the bandits?

A: It can be used against any target, as the Blacksmith provides an additional army strength that is not limited by the ability of the Watchtower.


Q: Do the printed Small Houses on the board count for the Cathedral's ability?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: If the Cathedral is deactivated at the end of the game does its text still count for ascertaining its VP?

A: Yes it does, the text is considered to be a clarification of its VP value.

Church /town Hall

Q: Can I use a Church or Town Hall to use the ability of a deactivated location?

A: No, a card must always be active in order for its ability to be used.

Q: What happens if I use Church or Town Hall to copy a Cemetery/Merchant Guild/Bazaar/Catapult? Which card is deactivated?

A: The Cemetery/Merchant Guild/Bazaar/Catapult is the card that becomes deactivated.

This means that if the ability is copied using the Church, then the die on top of the Cemetery/Merchant Guild/Bazaar/Catapult cannot be also used to activate the card (it will now be deactivated), unless another die is used to reactivate it first.

Grand Statue

Q: When I build the Grand Statue do I spend the extra resources immediately, and do I have to spend 3 or 3 , or can I use any combination of those two resources?

A: The resources have to be paid when you build the statue, but you may use any combination of stone and iron, up to a maximum of three. For example, 2 additional and 1 additional could be used to get you 3 VP extra.

Great Wall

Q: How does Great Wall work? Do I need to use a die to activate it and what does it affect?

A: This is an ongoing ability - it is always on, unless it has been deactivated. If a die lands on top of it, nothing more happens. Note that the Great Wall only affects other locations in its row, it does not affect itself.

Market Place

Q: If I trade in 2 resources at the Market Place, can I get additional resources of more than one type?

A: Yes, for example if you traded in 2 , you could get 2 and 2 in return.

Merchant Guild

Q: If a Harvest location on the same row is deactivated, do I get a resource for it when I land on a Merchant Guild?

A: No, you don't. You only take resources for the active Harvest locations on the same row.

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