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Two players bounce balls into the grid at the same time. Connect four in a row to win!


  • Collapsible grid
  • 2 feet
  • Cardboard backboard
  • 12 yellow balls
  • 12 red balls
  • Orange ball
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be first to connect four shots in a row!

Game Device

  • e Foot
  • f Backboard
  • g Ramp
  • h Grid
  • i Ball Release


Slide the backboard up and put it aside. Pull the ramp up until it clicks into place at an angle.

Now You're Ready To Play

Game Play

  1. Find a table to play on. If more than two people are playing, divide into teams.

  2. Take your red or yellow balls, but put the orange ball aside for now (it's the tiebreaker ball).

  3. Count down to start: 1-2-3 BOUNCE!

  4. Both players bounce at the same time. The balls must bounce on the table before they go into the grid.

  5. You can pick up balls from the floor or table and bounce them again.

    Once a ball is in the grid or on the ramp, no one may touch that ball. This includes balls that stack within the ramps once the grid is full.

  6. Play continues simultaneously until one of you has bounced your balls into a row of four, or you both run out of balls.

If there's a tie

If you have both bounced all of your balls into the grid but neither got a four-in-a-row, grab the tiebreaker orange ball!

  1. Whoever bounced all of their balls into the grid first gets the first shot.

  2. Take turns trying to bounce the ball into any open spot, whether it makes four-in-a-row or not.

    It does not count if you land in the ramp above the grid.

  3. If you land the final shot, you break the tie and win the game!

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