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  • Double-sided grid
  • 68 checkers (17 of each color)
  • 8 blockers (2 of each color)


Hold the grid upright and fold down the leg on each side to form the game base.

Place the grid in the middle of all players.

Each player picks 1 color and takes all the checkers and blockers of that color.

Ensure the slide on the bottom of the grid is locked in place to prevent the checkers from falling out the bottom.

The youngest player goes first. Play then passes to the left.

Object of the Game

Take turns dropping checkers into the grid to create a line or 4 In a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically on either side of the grid, or by weaving in between the 2 sides.

Tutorial Video

Game Play

On your turn, drop 1 of your checkers or a blacker down ANY of the slots in the top of the grid.

Take turns until 1 player gets a Connect 4 (4 checkers of his/her color in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally).

WATCH OUT! This grid is double-sided and you can CONNECT 4 by making a line of 4 on either side, OR by weaving through from one side to another.

Keep a close eye on what all the other players are doing. You may need to play with another player to stop someone from getting 4-in-a-row and winning the game!

Using the Blockers

Blockers are unique because they are 2 layers thick. Use them to block both sides of the grid on one turn.

Blockers are precious and can change the outcome of the game, so use them sparingly.

You can use blockers even if it leaves empty spaces below. If another player could get 4-in-a-row on their next move, have your blockers at the ready.

End of the Game

The first player to get a CONNECT4 (4 checkers in a straight line - on either side of the grid or by weaving through both sides) wins the game.

If you run out of checkers and no one got 4-in-a-row, it's a tie. Play again.

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