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In Factory Manager, you will take on the role of the production manager in the chocolate factory. You will only be concerned with completing all the work necessary to meet the demands of the owner and their customers.


Set up the game exactly as described in the main rules, with the following changes.

Factory Manager Cards

Find the 26 Factory Manager cards. Separate them into two face down decks of Weekly Targets and Demands. Shuffle each deck separately.

  • Randomly choose 1 Weekly Target and place it face up in front of you. If the Target has a 'Special Orders' panel at the top, refer to the rule below.

  • Deal 1 Demand face up beside the Weekly Target: this is your Initial Demand.

  • Then deal 5 Demands face down in a line beside your Initial Demand: these are your Daily Demands.

Put the remaining Factory Manager cards back in the box.

  • Place the Store Room & Coal Bunker card on the "Factory manager only" side face up.

Special Orders

If you receive a Weekly Target with a 'Special Orders' panel, deal the indicated number of Corner Shop orders and lay them face up beside the Weekly Target. These orders are not replaced when you complete them.

Keep these orders separate from your three regular Corner Shop orders.

Adjusting the Difficulty

The solo game has been designed to be an achievable challenge for experienced players. In later games, if you wish to increase the difficulty, deal one or more additional face-up Initial Demands beside your Weekly Target. Always deal 5 face-down Daily Demands.

Object of the Game

You win the game if you have satisfied your Weekly Target and all of your Initial and Daily Demands by the end of the game. You lose if you fail to satisfy one or more of these objectives.

Game Play

The game is played over six days as described in the main rules, with the following changes:

  1. Prepare

    At the start of each day, flip the next Daily Demand face up. There are 5 Daily Demands, and you will reveal them one by one on each of the first five days, Monday-Friday. There is no new Daily Demand on Saturday.

    Draw 1 Employee from each deck as normal and lay them face up in a line. Do not group them into packets.

    Then deal 5 Factory Parts, laying each one face up on a different Employee, starting with the left-hand Employee and placing one Part with each Employee, going left to right.

    Setup at the beginning of each day in Factory Manager mode.

    On each of the first five days, discard the Employee associated with the following Department Store, and the random Factory Part that was laid with it:

    • Monday: Dunstan & Gilbert's
    • Tuesday: House of Luxury
    • Wednesday: Salter's Emporium
    • Thursday: Fresh Fancies
    • Friday: The Palace Boutique

    On Saturday, do not discard anything.

  2. Expand & Recruit

    You may choose any 1 Employee and any 1 Factory Part. Although you laid the Employee and Factory Parts in pairs, you do not need to choose both from the same pair.

  3. Run Factory

    Run your Factory just as in the main game.

  4. Fulfill Orders

    There is no change to how you fulfill Corner Shop or Department Store orders.

  5. Cleanup

    There is no change to how to replace your regular Corner Shop orders when you complete them. However, if you received any Special Orders because of your Weekly Target, these orders are not replaced once they are completed.

    In the solo game, you may store up to 6 chocolates in your store room for the next day.

Satisfying your Weekly Target and Demands

Each Weekly Target and Demand requires you to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Department Store order target: At the end of the week, you must move one or more of your markers back a specific number of steps along DepartmentStore tracks. Although there is no '0' space on the tracks, the marker can be moved back to '0'.

    • If a card shows a single box, you satisfy this by moving one marker back that number of steps on a single track.

    • If a card shows two or more boxes, you satisfy this by moving a number of markers equal to the number of boxes back that number of steps on multiple tracks.

  • Money target: By the end of the week, you must have made at least this much money from completed Corner Shop orders. You earn no money from the Department Store orders.

  • Corner Shop order target: At the end of the week, you must discard a number of completed orders of a specific size or combination of sizes.

    Chocolate order: At any time during the week, you must supply a number of chocolates of a particular mix of types. To satisfy an order, you must supply all the chocolates at the time by returning them from your storeroom to the supply.

End of the Game

You win the game if you have satisfied your Weekly Target and all of your Demands after 6 days.

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