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Q: Is there a limit to the number of chocolate pieces I can make?

A: No, but at the end of a day you can only store a maximum of 2 chocolate pieces in your store room (6 in Factory Manager). The chocolate pieces are not intended to be limited. If you temporarily run out, keep track of any extra pieces you have made.

Q: What happens to the chocolate pieces that get pushed out of my Factory?

A: Each time you push chocolate pieces out of your Factory on a conveyor tile, immediately move all these chocolates onto your store room card.

Q: What happens to the chocolate pieces left on my Factory board at the end of the game?

A: You shouldn't have any! After you run your Factory on the sixth day (Saturday), remember to move all of the chocolates, anywhere in your Factory, into your store room, before you fulfil orders for the final time. You can't do this on the first five days (Monday-Friday).

Q: Can I operate an individual Factory Part more than once during a single Shift?

A: No, definitely not!

Q: How do I know which Factory Parts I have operated during a Shift?

A: Each time you operate a Factory Part, place the necessary coal tokens onto the Part itself. Only remove them at the end of the Shift.

Q: During a Shift, can I change the order of the Load, Push, and Operate steps?

A: No! You must always load a new conveyor tile first, push it into your Factory and then operate your Factory Parts. You cannot operate any Parts before you push the conveyor tile.

Q: Can I use a Factory Part and the Factory Part directly opposite it during the same Shift?

A: Yes. You must always operate Factory Parts one after another, but you can operate any of your Parts in any order you choose during a Shift, provided you have the necessary coal.

Q: How do I get more coal?

A: You receive coal at the start of each day, or when you recruit some Employees. You can also, at any time, trade any number of chocolates in your store room for the same amount of coal. You can't get more coal in any other way.

Q: Can I cover up the Chute on my Factory board with another Part?

A: Yes, but you won't be able to use the Chute for the rest of the game. If you cover up or replace a Factory Part, you can't change your mind later in the game.

Q: How many new Factory Parts and Employees do I get during each day?

A: You get exactly one new Factory Part and one new Employee. If you choose a 'packet' of Parts (or Employees), you must immediately choose one of those Parts (or Employees) and discard the others.

Q: How do I arrange the packets of Factory Parts and Employees for different numbers of players?

A: At the start of each day, you must create the display of Parts and Employees. Always draw 5 new Parts from the top of the Parts deck, and 1 Employee from the top of each of the five different Employee decks.

The display needs to contain one packet of Parts and one packet of Employees for each player. For example: in a 3-player game, there must be 6 packets in total: 3 packets of Parts (containing 2 Parts, 2 Parts, and 1 Part respectively), and 3 packets of Employees (containing 2 Employees, 2 Employees, and 1 Employee respectively).

Q: Why do Employees have Department Store names on them?

A: Each Employee is associated with one of the five Department Stores. During each day, you can only fulfil the Department Store order at the specific Department Store named on the Employee that you recruited at the start of the day.

Q: When can I take the Gift, Benefit, or Action of my Employee?

A: If the Employee gives you a Gift, take it immediately. If you receive a Benefit, you gain the bonus automatically during the day each time you do what the card says. If you gain an Action, you may take this action when you choose, but only once during the day (unless the card says otherwise).

Q: Can I save the Gift, Benefit, or Action of my Employee for a later day?

A: No. You recruit a new Employee at the start of each day, and lose the Employee and all its effects at the end of the day, whether or not you choose to use them.

Q: Do I have to use the Gift, Benefit, or Action of my Employee?

A: No. You do not have to use your Employee's effect if you don't want to.

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