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Rating: 7.5 Very Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 90-101 minutes

Official Site: Official Chocolate Factory Page

Created by: David Digby, Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilbert, Denis Martynets, Paweł Niziołek, Andreas Resch

Published by: Alley Cat Games, Maldito Games


Set in the early 20th century of entrepreneurs and chocolatiers experimenting with new ways to create and market chocolates, YOU are assigned the task of chief chocolate maker!

Chocolate Factory is a euro game of literal factory building and moving (using a pushable conveyer belt component) chocolates you must complete the most amount of chocolates required by retailers for the best value.

The game also features wooden chocolate pieces and a movable conveyer belt making the physicality blended with euro mechanics a unique experience.

Gameplay overview: Players are each given a starting player board which will have two Factory parts which apply to a physical conveyer belt.

The conveyer belt part of the player board contains long slot with an empty region in which to push square tiles along. The tiles will house the chocolate pieces players will manipulate throughout the game.

During the game players will initially draft new factory parts (to add to their player board) and specialists (one time use cards with special powers).

Then each player will "push" three times cocoa into their machines. During each "push" players will be able to use fuel and their factory parts to manipulate their Chocolate pieces.

Careful consideration will be required for the spatial element of the game as Chocolate pieces can only be manipulated during a push by the Factory part that is adjacent to their tile.

Players score points by creating chocolates for public and personal objectives. The player with the most points at the end wins.

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  • 12 Boxes
  • 36 Player markers:
  • 1 Bookkeeping board
  • 1 Day marker
  • 1 Start Player marker
  • 30 Factory Part cards
  • 4 Factory boards
  • 30 Conveyor tiles
  • 18 '£50' coins
  • 40 Coal tokens:
  • 54 Corner Shop Order cards
  • 5 Department Store Order cards
  • 26 Factory Manager cards
  • 4 Store Room & Coal Bunker cards
  • 4 Player Reference cards
  • Instructions


Bookkeeping Board

Place the Bookkeeping board in the middle of the table.

1 Place the Day marker on the 'Monday' space of the week track.

2 Put the £50 coins in the marked space.

3 Sort the Factory Parts into two decks (A and B) and shuffle each deck separately. Place the B deck face down on the marked space, and stack the A deck face down on top of the B deck. …

The Master Chocolatier mini-expansion is part of the Kickstarter edition and includes 4 new factory Parts, 5 new Department Stores, and 6 new Employees. These cards are compatible with the Factory Manager solo game.

Factory Parts

During setup, shuffle the new Parts into their respective Factory Part deck (A or B). Randomly remove 2 Parts from each deck before you stack the two decks of Parts face down on the Bookkeeping board. Put the removed cards back in the box.

Move any 1 chocolate

The new Parts introduce a new action. When you use this function, you may move any one chocolate on the conveyor tile immediately above or below this Part to any other conveyor tile in your Factory. …

In Factory Manager, you will take on the role of the production manager in the chocolate factory. You will only be concerned with completing all the work necessary to meet the demands of the owner and their customers.


Set up the game exactly as described in the main rules, with the following changes.

Factory Manager Cards

Find the 26 Factory Manager cards. Separate them into two face down decks of Weekly Targets and Demands. Shuffle each deck separately.

  • Randomly choose 1 Weekly Target and place it face up in front of you. If the Target has a 'Special Orders' panel at the top, refer to the rule below. …

Q: Is there a limit to the number of chocolate pieces I can make?

A: No, but at the end of a day you can only store a maximum of 2 chocolate pieces in your store room (6 in Factory Manager). The chocolate pieces are not intended to be limited. If you temporarily run out, keep track of any extra pieces you have made.

Q: What happens to the chocolate pieces that get pushed out of my Factory?

A: Each time you push chocolate pieces out of your Factory on a conveyor tile, immediately move all these chocolates onto your store room card. …

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