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The Master Chocolatier mini-expansion is part of the Kickstarter edition and includes 4 new factory Parts, 5 new Department Stores, and 6 new Employees. These cards are compatible with the Factory Manager solo game.

Factory Parts

During setup, shuffle the new Parts into their respective Factory Part deck (A or B). Randomly remove 2 Parts from each deck before you stack the two decks of Parts face down on the Bookkeeping board. Put the removed cards back in the box.

Move any 1 chocolate

The new Parts introduce a new action. When you use this function, you may move any one chocolate on the conveyor tile immediately above or below this Part to any other conveyor tile in your Factory.

Department Stores

During setup, include one or more of the new Department Stores with either its C or D side face up, each time replacing one of the existing Stores. We recommend you include no more than two of the new C Department Stores in any game.

You are also free to randomly choose any combination of the (original) Stores and new Stores, or choose your own combination.

C Sides

Each of these allow you to move your marker along the Department Store track based only on the amount of money you earned from Corner Shop orders during the current day.

Divide that total amount by the value shown on the Department Store (rounding down), and move that many spaces along the track.

For example, at Fresh Fancies move 1 space for each £9 earned. If you had earn £25 from Corner Shop orders, move up 2 spaces.

D Sides

  • The Palace Boutique

    Each time you supply The Palace Boutique, choose any one of the other Stores in play. Supply chocolates as if The Palace Boutique had the order requirements of the other Store.

  • Fresh Fancies

    Supply exactly one, three or five refined chocolates of your choice, in any combination, and move a number of spaces up the track equal to the number of chocolates supplied.

  • Salter's Emporium

    Supply up to five different refined chocolates in the following order: Chunks, Fingers, Caramel, Nuts, or Boxed.

    If you supply 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 chocolates, move 0, 1, 2, 4, or 9 spaces along the track respectively. You cannot supply any other combination of chocolates.

  • House of Luxury

    Supply two or more refined chocolates.

    Move 1 space along the track for each set of 1 Chunks and 1 Fingers you supply, and 2 spaces along the track for each set of 1 Caramel and 1 Nuts.

    You cannot supply any other combination of chocolates.

  • Dun Gilbert's

    Supply one or more matching pairs of refined chocolates, each of a different type (2 Fingers, 2 Chunks, 2 Caramel, 2 Nuts or 2 Boxed), and move 1 space along the track for each pair supplied.


The 6 new Employees cards comprise two copies of each of three new Employees: The Owner, The Helpers, and The Prodigy. Each gives you a special action or benefit, but does not give you an opportunity to fulfill a Department Store order.

During setup, shuffle the 6 new Employees and place them in a face-down deck beside the Bookkeeping board, separate from the other Employee decks.

At the start of each day, when you draw Employee cards to create the display, draw 1 card from the extra deck of Employees and shuffle this card with the 5 Employee cards drawn from the regular decks. Lay out the Employees to make packets as follows:

  • Factory Manager (solo game): Add the new Employees to the available employees but do not draw an extra factory part.

  • 2 players: Make 2 packets, each of 3 Employees.

  • 3 players: Make 3 packets, each of 2 Employees.

  • 4 players: Make 4 packets, two of 2 Employees, and two of 1 Employee each.

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