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A scenario for Settlers of Catan for 3 to 4 players For each road and each settlement a player builds at the river fields, he receives 1 gold. A player may exchange 2 gold for any raw material.

Who possesses most gold, is richest settler, which brings in one special victory point. But caution! Who parts with his gold can become the poor settler and loses 2 victory points.

Game Components

Two river pieces, one with 3 tiles, one with 4.


Set up the board with the two rivers as below. Remove from the standard tile set 2x Mountains, 2x Clay pits, 2x Grassland and 1x desert. Use the remaining land tiles to make up the rest of the island.

No payment chits are placed on the two marshland tiles.

The 2 token is put aside for the time being. The "A" token is used on any coastal landscape, which becomes the start placement for the remaining payment tokens which are placed in alphabetical order as in the basic game.

Token 2 "B" is skipped over. When all the number tokens are laid out and turned, the 2 token is placed on the same landscape where the 12 is. This landscape generates now everytime 2 or 12 is thrown.

Place the robber on either of the marshland tiles.

Place the gold near the board. Players start with no gold.

Each player takes the 3 bridges in their colour.

The "Reichster Siedler" (Richest settler) and "Armer Siedler" (Poorest Settler) tokens are placed near the board.

Founding Phase

Each player places, as in the basic game, 2 settlements with 1 road each.

There are the following additional rules:

  • A road may not be built crossing a river (This rule applies throughout the game).

  • For each road a player builds alongside a river tile he receives 1 gold.

  • For each settlement a player builds at a river crossing he receives 1 gold.

The Richest Settler and Poor Settler tokens

Each player can start the game with up to 4 gold.

After the founding phase the player(s) who possesses the least Gold receives a "Poor Settler" token.

Important: AlI players who equal the least Gold or no gold receive a "Poor Settler" token each (minus 2 victory points).

The player who alone possesses the most Gold receives the "Richest settler" token. If there is a draw for the most gold put the token aside for the time being.

Game Play

The basic rules apply with the following changes:

Settlements and roads at the river

As in the founding phase for each road built on a river tile and each settlement built at a river crossing the player receives one gold.

The upgrade of a settlement to a city does not generate any gold.

The bridge construction

A bridge costs 2 brick and 1 wood, a bridge must adjoin a road or settlement of the same colour and can only be built on one of the seven bridge construction places. Building a bridge earns 3 gold.

A bridge counts towards the longest trade route like a road. Each player can build only 3 bridges. A Bridge may not be built with the development card "Strassenbau" (Road Building).

Richest settler

This token counts one for one point of victory. It is in the possession of the player, who alone possesses the most gold.

A player will lose the token, if either:

  • another player gains an equal or greater amount of gold or

  • if the player spends gold and then no longer has the most gold.

If a player loses the token "richest settler" the token is transferred to the player, who alone possesses the most gold. If there is no such player the token is set aside until a single player has the most gold.

Poor settler

At all times during the game any player possessing the fewest gold must hold a "poor settler" token. The token is returned to supply when a player gets gold and thus no longer is part of the group with the fewest gold.

The "poor settler" token reduces the victory points held by the player by two points.

The gold

Up to twice during a turn a player may exchange 2 gold for any one raw material. Gold received in the same turn may be used. Gold can also be received by trading raw materials: Either in normal 4:1 bank exchange, by using ports or by the trade with fellow players.

Gold does not count as raw material and may not, therefore, be stolen when shifting the robber.

End of the Game

The game is played to 10 victory points.

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