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The playing pieces & cards from "The Settlers of Catan" are needed in order to "settle" this Hessen map.

In principle, the rules to the basic game also apply to this scenario, with the following exceptions:

  • Building of Settlements

    Settlements may be created only on the round "city spaces" already printed on the board. This means that the "spacer rule" (at least 2 roads between 2 settlements) does not apply. Example: if a settlement was built on Gießen, then a settlement can also be built on Wetzlar.

  • Road Construction

    Roads may be built only at the road construction places marked by rectangles. If a player builds a road to a "city space", he may build a next road beyond this "city space" only if he built a settlement there.

  • Special and 3:1 trade

    Some road construction rectangles are colored red. If a player builds one of these places, he may exchange raw materials with the bank as indicated by the sign next to the red-dyed space - either 3 identical resources of any sort for one resource or 2 resources of the type shown for one resource.

  • Robber

    The robber starts the game on the forest/wood hex with the number "12".

Two notes

The artwork for ore reflects a low mountain range, typical of the area, rather than the traditional Settlers art.

The positions of the cities on the large map correspond only approximately to their actual geographical positions, but they are correctly shown on the small map. For play/technical reasons unfortunately all important cities of Hessen on the map could not be used.

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