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Players: 3 to 4

Game Length: 1 to 2 hours

Requirements: Settlers of Catan and additional components listed below.

Object of the Game

Use the hidden secrets of the primordial jungle to further your quest for victory.

I. Setup

Shuffle the land tiles and create the game board in the same manner as a normal game of Settlers of Catan. Then, place the harbor tiles and sea tiles normally. After the board has been set up, replace the Desert tile with the special Jungle tile (see Additional Components).

Select a number token (in addition to the number tokens already placed on the island) whose value is 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, or 11. All players must agree on which number to use. Place this number token on the Jungle hex.

The Robber begins the game on the Jungle hex.

II. Special Rules

The Jungle

During the game, players may explore the Jungle and make valuable discoveries. The discoveries will aid them in developing their principalities. When the number on the token that was placed in the Jungle is rolled on the production dice, each player with settlements or cities adjacent to the Jungle will make discoveries!

Like other land hexes, each settlement adjacent to the Jungle will receive one discovery when the Jungle number is rolled. Likewise, each city adjacent to the Jungle will receive two discoveries.


Discoveries are not represented by cards as other resources are. Instead, they are represented by the Discovery Counters. Discovery Counters do not count against a player's hand limit of resources when a "7" is rolled on the production roll.

Discovery Counters can not be stolen by the Robber, can not be claimed by a Monopoly, can not be earned through a Year of Plenty, and may not be used in any trades.

Discovery Counters are used to aid the purchase of development cards. Each Discovery Counter can be used to replace any one of the three resources needed to purchase a card. Up to three Discovery Counters may be used on each card purchase.

Any combination of Discovery Counters and the three normal resources may be used.

For Example: a player may purchase a Development Card with one Ore and two Discovery Counters. Similarly, a Discovery Card could be purchased with one wool, one grain, and one discovery counter.

III. Components

In addition to all of the normal components of the Settlers game, you will need three additional components:

  • 1 Jungle Hexagon
  • Discovery Counters (about 10 should be enough, the Victory Point Tokens from Seafarers work very well for this purpose)
  • 1 additional resource number token (valued 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, or 11)

IV. The Jungle Tile

Here is an image of the Jungle Tile. Feel free to copy this image and attach it to cardboard to create your own Jungle Tile.

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