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Far in the South, Catanian settlers reach a long, narrow island. Soon the first settlements emerge. When exploring the surrounding waters, the Catanians come across small, inhabited islands. During the first encounters it turns out that the strangers are speaking a similar language and know the same legends.

It soon becomes clear that these people actually are descendants of a group of people whose ship got lost; a ship from a fleet that hundreds of years ago reached Catan for the first time. The reunion with the Catanian brothers causes great joy, and they don't hold back on neighborly help and gifts.


Harbors: You need 6 harbor tokens:

5 special 2:1 (one for each resource) and 1 generic 3:1.

Terrain & Tokens: You need:

Terrain HexesNumber Tokens
Gold field24s2

Additional Components: 8 Catan chits


The required game components are listed above. Set up the game map as shown in the scenario diagram. Then:

Place the 8 Catan chits on the marked coastlines.

Place the 6 harbor tokens, with their reverse sides facing up, on the marked spots. Then turn the tokens over.

Take the 4 topmost cards from the (shuffled) stack of development cards and place them, with their reverse sides facing up, on the spots indicated in the setup.

Important: The small islands all remain without number tokens.

Additional Rules

Set-up Phase

You build your first two settlements with roads/ships on the big main island, as described in basic Catan.

Remember: If you build a settlement on the coast, you may place a ship (instead of a road) next to the settlement.

During play, no settlement can be built on the surrounding small islands that do not produce resources.

Pirate & Robber

Play this scenario with both the robber and the pirate. The robber starts on any desert and the pirate on the sea hex marked with a pirate ship.

When a "7" is rolled, either the robber or the pirate can be moved. The robber can not be moved to the small islands.

If the robber has left the desert he started from, he cannot be moved back to it.

Special Victory Points

Each of the Catan chits placed on the small islands is worth a victory point. If you reach such an island with one of your ships and build (or move) a ship on the edge with a Catan chit, you take the chit and put it down face up in front of yourself.


The gifts of the forgotten tribe consist of victory points (Catan chits), development cards, and the harbors.

  • Development Cards

    If you build (or move) a ship on the edge next to the card, you take the card. You can use it like a regularly obtained development card. The usual restrictions apply here as well (only 1 card per round; newly-acquired cards may not be played the turn you aquire them; VP cards to be revealed immediately only if it lets you win the game, etc)..

  • Harbors

    If you build (or move) a ship on an edge next to a harbor, you take the harbor. If you have a settlement on the coast, you must immediately place the harbor on an adjacent edge. However, harbors must never occupy adjacent or the same edges. In case you have no appropriate coastal settlement, you can put the harbor aside until such a settlement is built.

When you have placed a harbor, you can use it immediately, even during the same turn.

End of the Game

The game ends when a player reaches 13 victory points on his turn.

Variable Set-up

The terrains and number tokens of the main island can be rearranged freely. However, one should make sure the 3 terrain hexes at the bottom of the main island don't receive numbers that are too favorable (that is, no 5, 6, 8, or 9).

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