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More ventures have set forth to civilise the islands near Catan, but the latest islands to be located are swarming with hordes of barbarians- can you drive them off and settle the valuable islands?


  • Base Game
  • Seafarers
  • 12 Barbarians (ideally the ones from Traders and Barbarians, but any 12 counters will do)


Set up the map as shown to the right. The numbers and hexes shown on the two large islands are just suggestions, feel free to replace with those ofyour own choice. Place the 12 barbarians on the paths marked.

Use the 5 2:1 harbours and 3 3:1 harbours, placing them on the spots indicated in the diagram.

Players place two settlements as per normal. No settlements may be built on the two barbarian islands.

Game Play

Whenever a 7 is rolled, all players who hold over 7 cards (an additional 2 are allowed with each city wall if Cities and Knights is being used) must discard half (rounded down).

Instead of moving the robber or the pirate, the player who rolled the 7 takes a card from a player of his choice and must move a barbarian to an adjacent path. No two barbarians may occupy the same path, and no barbarian may be placed on a path with a road or ship.

No ships or roads may be built on paths currently occupied by a barbarian (but building a settlement adjacent to one or more barbarians is all right). Playing a knight card allows a player to move a barbarian (remember, only one development card may be played per turn), but the player may not steal a card from any player.

Each settlement built on one of the barbarian islands gains a special victory point chip. A player may only earn 1 chip per island.

End of the Game

This scenario is played to 15 points, or until both barbarian islands have two or more settlements built on them. In the latter case the player with the most Victory Points wins. In the case of a tie, no one wins.

With Cities and Knights

Basic, strong and mighty knights have no effect on the barbarians on the map, only on the barbarian fleet. For the Bishop progress card, see the rules for the knight cards above. Play to 18 points instead.

With Event Cards

The event 'robber flees to desert' has no effect.

Five-Six Players


  • Base Game
  • Seafarers
  • (5-6 expansions)
  • 18 Barbarians

Use the set-up to the right. Set aside one wool 2:1 harbour, and place the rest as shown on the diagram.

The scenario is played to 15 points, or until all three islands have at least two settlements upon them.

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