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Though this Catan variant broaches some controversial topics, the goal of the game is to educate the players on limited natural resources and the effects of displacing indigenous people.


  • Standard Settlers of Catan pieces
  • 18 wooden meeples - tan or brown


Set-up is the same as standard Catan with the exception of: the meeples. 1 meeple is placed in each resource hex.

Instead of the robber, The Conquistador is placed in the desert hex. When a 7 is rolled, the Conquistador is moved to a resource hex and any meeples in that hex are displaced to the desert hex.

And one of a player's initial settlements must be on a 3 for 1 port.

Game Play

Resource hexes only produce resources 4 times, after that, all resources in that hex are depleted and the number token is removed.

If a number that has been removed is rolled, on a subsequent turn(s), the Conquistador is moved back to the Desert hex and a meeple is removed from the game.

Soldier development cards move the Conquistador.

Largest Army gives the player power over the Conquistador. They may move him each turn as long as they have the Largest Army. Disregard the bonus Victory Points on the Largest Army card. The player who completes the Trail of Tears (Longest Road) receives the Longest Road card.

On their turn they may move a meeple from a resource hex, along the Trail of Tears to the Desert hex. The player with the Longest Road card may also win on victory condition #3, however, if they must compare Victory Point totals with the player with Largest Army to determine a winner.

End of the Game

The game ends when one of the following conditions are met:

  • A player scores 10 victory points.

  • All resources are depleted.

  • All meeples have been displaced to the desert hex.

The players can only win on condition #1, any other End Game condition results in a loss for all the players. Except for the player with Largest Army or Longest Road. They win if condition #3 is met.

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