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Players: 1 (solo game)


1 basic game (1 color for Robin Hood, 1 neutral color, 2 colors for the sherrif)

Object of the Game

You play the sherrif and you try to get 15 VP's before Robin Hood does. You can also win by surrounding Robin Hood, but you have to have more VP's than Robin.


The robber is Robin Hood. Make a movement pile with 1 materialcard of each kind and 1 knightcard (or make a special die). Robin starts in the desert (his camp). The roads in his color are used to count his VP's.

Place 5 neutral villages with each 1 road by using a die to determine the placement. These villages are only to block the expansion of the sherrif.

Now the sherrif can decide where his 2 start-villages are placed according to the normal rules.

Game Play

In turns the sherrif and Robin Hood play. The sherrif throws the dice as normal, builds, trades and so on. When it's Robin's turn, take a card and move Robin to an adjacent hex of that type if possible.

If there are more choices, the sherrif decides. If there is no such type or if Robin has to cross a road of the sherrif, he stays in place. If it's a knight, Robin goes back to his camp.

If the sherrif plays a knight, then Robin has to move twice. If the sherrif builds at the hex where Robin is, he may move Robin to an adjacent hex of his choice (but Robin may never go across a road from the sherrif).

When a "7" is thrown, Robin robs 1 material from the sherrif if a village or city is adjacent. Robin also earns victory points for each adjacent village (1) or city (2), either neutral or from the sherrif. If Robin can't rob anything, he is moved to the hex where he can get the most VP's. If there is a choice, the sherrif decides.

End of the Game

  1. Robin has 15 VP's and wins.

  2. The Sherrif has 15 VP's and wins.

  3. Robin is surrounded completely by roads from the sherrif on his hex. Now the player with the most VP's wins.

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