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The robber is tired of being pushed around. This time he decided to start acting and get Catan under his control.

Game Play

Before rolling the dice, the current player do one of the following:

  • Move Robert to the hex with the highest probability number token (has more dots under the printed number) and flip the number token to its blank side. Hexes, on which the number token is flipped, do not produce resources.

    If 2 number tokens have the same probability, move Robert to the hex surrounded by more cities and settlements. If there is still a tie, move Robert to the hex with the higher number.

    If there is still a tie, move Robert Randomly to one of these tiles. If all of the number tokens surrounding Robert are already flipped, Robert move to the closest number with the higher probability (follow the same rules as before for ties).

  • Use a soldier card you bought earlier. If you use a soldier, move Robert back to the desert hex, and flip back up 2 number tokens of your choice. The number tokens you flip back, must be adjacent to a city or settlement of any player.

Roll The Dice

Only flipped up number tokens produce resources. If you roll a 7, any player who has 8 or more resource cards, lose half of them (his choice) to the bank. Afterwards move Robert back to the desert and flip back up 1 number token of your choice. The number token you flip must be adjacent to a city or settlement of any player.

Build and trade normally. You cannot use any development card if you've already used the soldier this turn. You cannot use the soldier after rolling the dice. You cannot use a development card once you bought it.

You can use only one development card per turn.

Give the dice to the next player in clockwise order.

Development Cards

Development card are used normally, besides the soldier and the monopoly cards. Use the soldier card as described earlier.

The monopoly card acts as follows: Name one resource type, flip back up all the number tokens that are on a hex that provides this resource type (all tokens on the wood hexes, all tokens on the pasture hexes…).

If the development card deck is exhausted, shuffle back all cards without these ones:

  1. victory point cards
  2. 3 soldier cards for the player holding the largest army bonus card.

Difficulty level

In the beginning of the game, give each player the following number of development cards (given randomly)


End of the Game

The game ends in victory, when each and every player has 10 victory points or more (longest road and largest army cards bonus points included).

The game ends in failure once Robert has flipped all of the number tokens on the board. Robert succeeded in his scheme, and you are all slaves in his new island.

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