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Players: 3 to 4

Components: 1 basic game, 4 pawns or cars

Object of the Game

The rally has arrived on Catan. Who reaches the south of Catan as the first one?


Basic game setup, but before the villages are placed, each player places his car in the middle one of the 4 seahexes north of Catan. Each hex may only contain 1 car.

Game Play

Besides the normal moves a player has 2 extra possibilities every turn:

I. Collect Materials For The Rally

You may move materials from your hand to a special pile of materials (1 for each player). You don't show which materials you move. You can't take back those materials, but they don't count to the 7-card-handlimit.

When the robber is placed on the same hex of a player's car, then he can decide to rob from the special pile in stead of the cards in hand.

II. Move Your Car

You may move your car to an adjacent hex, but you have to pay for it. The hex you are moving to shows what kind of materials you have to pay and the number chips shows how much. For example to move in a "6" wood, you have to pay 6 wood.

However when you cross 1 of your own roads while entering, you only pay half of the costs (round up). To enter a "5" wool across your own road, pay 3 wool.

You may pay from your handcards and/or from your special pile. You may move more hexes in a turn.

Entering the desert is free. But leaving the desert is tricky. If you decide to leave, you throw the dice. If the number is equal or less the numberchip you are moving to, then you succeed. If not, you have to stay in the desert until next turn. You don't have to pay for it though.

End of the Game

You win by collecting 12 VP's or when you reach 1 of the 4 southmost hexes with your car.

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