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Cake Duel can be expanded for 4 players! Players duel against each other in pairs. You will need two game sets to play.


  1. Players form teams of two. Teammates should sit next to each other and can look at each other's hands.

  2. Deal each player gets a hand of 4 cards. Give the team that goes first 4 cakes. Give the other team 5 cakes. Cakes are a shared team resource.

  3. Create the basic 39-card deck by combining two copies of the basic 20-card deck, and removing one Sir Wolfy.

  4. (Optional) Combine both copies of the Special deck and draw 3 cards randomly, adding them into the deck for the full 42-card deck.

Object of the Game

End the bout if any of these conditions are met during a turn:

First team to win three bouts wins the duel!

Although mostly similar to 2-players, team mode uses a slightly different attack order and also adds a new teammate trading phase.

Game Play

Taking a turn:

  • Turn follows the diagram on the right. Cycle back to player A after D's turn is done.

  • The starting team may decide which teammate is player A after looking at their initial hands.

  • At the start of the turn, choose a player to attack. That defending player can only block with cards from his/her own hand. Cakes, however, are taken from the shared team pools.

New Phase: Trading

  • Immediately after resolving the attack, but before resupplying, the active attacking player may exchange one of the cards in hand for a teammate's card. The blocking team does not get to trade.

  • If the deck has run out, the current attacking player may either swap a card, give a card, or receive a card from his/her teammate.

  • After trading, resupplying happens as normal.

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