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These are hard times: cake is scarce, but Sheepie are plenty. To fairly distribute the cake, the Sheepie are holding a Cake Duel. General Sheepie, you must deploy your troops wisely to take all of the cakes!

  • Take cakes from the opponent by bluffing Sheepie troop cards.
  • The path to victory is simple: either take all of the opponent's cakes or catch them telling a lie.


  • 1 Rule Booklet
  • 20 Core Cards
  • 10 Special Cards
  • 2 Core Reference Cards
  • 3 Special Reference Cards
  • 7 Cake Tokens
  • 5 Victory Tokens
  • 1 Carrying Pouch
  • Instructions

Sheepie Card Anatomy

1 Type

What class this Sheepie troop is.

2 Name

What to call this Sheepie troop.

3 Description

What this Sheepie troop does when played.

4 Flavor Text

This Sheepie troop has a deep soul.

Weapon Attacker: Deals physical damage. Blocked by Defender.

Magic Attacker: Deals magic damage. Blocked by Scientist.

Special Attacker: Produces exotic special effects. Hard to block.

Blocker: Nullifies attacker(s).

Unclaimable: Its name must never be spoken.

Duel Set Up

Shuffle the core deck of 20 cards and deal each player 4 cards. Each player should only look at their own hand.

The player with the best sheep impression starts first as the attacking player. Give 3 cake tokens to that player (P1). Give 4 cakes to the other player (P2).

Set aside the pink special cards for now. Do not put them in the deck.

Core Deck

  • 5 Soldiers
  • 4 Archers
  • 4 Defenders
  • 3 Wizards
  • 3 Scientists
  • 1 Sir Wolfy


  • 7 Cake Tokens
  • 5 Victory Tokens

Game Play

Duels are played as a set of individual bouts. The first player to win 3 bouts wins the duel!

steal cakes. The goal of each bout is to either take all the opponent's cakes

During a bout, players take turns attacking with Sheepie troop cards to or catch them telling a lie.

Each turn, the active player claims one or more attacker cards facedown to steal cakes.

In response, the other player either claims cards facedown to block the cake theft or challenges the attack 3.

The stolen cakes are transfered. Both players resupply cards, and the bout continues!

A bout consists of many turns. Refer to this chart for the order of actions for a single turn.

End the bout if one of these three conditions are met any time during a turn:


In Cake Duel, all cards are played facedown. To make a play, put one or more cards facedown in the discard pile and claim what they are.

Claiming is announcing the quantity and the name of the cards played. The claimed name can be a bluff.

There are 2 restrictions on claims

  • Do not lie about the quantity of cards played.
  • Do not claim multiple troop names at once.

Do not flip claimed cards faceup at the end of a turn.

Attacking and Blocking

During every turn, the active player will make an attacking claim. Then, their opponent will make a blocking claim.

  • Attacking Claim

    The attacking player must claim troops.

  • Passing

    The attacking player may also pass. If both players pass JL their turns in succession, the bout ends. •

  • Blocking Claim

    The blocking player must claim troops.

    The blocking player can only claim troops that are able to block the attack (e.g. Scientist is an invalid claim against Archer).

    Any quantity of troops may be claimed. If insufficient blockers are claimed, the unblocked attackers still resolve (i.e. they steal cake).

Making a Challenge

After each claim, the other player has a chance to call a bluff. To do so, say "challenge" and flip the played cards.

Once cards are flipped, the bout ends!

  • If the claim was a bluff, the challenging player wins.
  • If the claim was truthful, the claiming player wins,

There is one restriction on challenges

A challenge can only happen immediately after the play is made. Drawing cards, making a play, or taking cakes forfeits the opportunity to challenge.

Alice plays 2 cards facedown and claims "two Soldiers".

Resolving and Resupplying

At the end of the turn, resolve the claimed card effects. Then the attacker resupplies, followed by the blocker.

  • Resolving

    Transfer any successfully stolen cakes. Remember to use the claimed effects, not the actual cards played. Do not flip any cards over.

  • Resupplying

    The attacker redraws up back to hand size. Then, the blocker redraws back up to hand size. Unless modified, the hand size is 4 cards.

  • If the Deck Runs out During Redraw

    • Players continue dueling with the remaining cards in their hands.
    • If a player has no cards during their turn, it is an automatic pass.
    • Players with no cards may still challenge claims.

End of the Game

There are three ways to win a bout.

  1. Take all of the opponent's Cakes
  2. Win a challenge.
  3. Have more cakes when both players pass.

When the bout ends, give the winning player a trophy token, shuffle all the cards back into the deck, and start the next bout with the loser going first.

The cakes are reset; the attacking player starts with 3 cakes, and the blocking player starts with 4. The first player to win 3 bouts wins the duel!

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