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To play Blood Bound with an odd number of players, include a character from the Secret Order, the Inquisitor. Although each Inquisitor character card shows either a rose or beast clue icon, the Inquisitor belongs to the Secret Order.

Changes To Setup

When playing with the Inquisitor, place the rank token showing the fleur cross () near the rows of numbered rank tokens. Next, consult the "Setup Ratio of Curse Cards" table on page 8 and place the appropriate number of curse ability cards near the fleur cross rank token.

Then, replace step 3 of setup with the following step:

3. Separate Character Cards: Take all Rose clan character cards. Shuffle them facedown and set aside a number of them equal to half the total players in the game, rounded down.

Return the remaining Rose clan character cards to the game box without looking at them. Then, follow the same procedure with the Beast clan character cards. Then, take both Inquisitor character cards and shuffle them facedown. Set aside one card and return the other card facedown to the game box without looking at it.

Unique Characteristics

The Inquisitor differs from other characters in the following ways:

  • The Inquisitor cannot attack a player who has already suffered three wounds.

  • The Inquisitor s affiliation icons are wild; when he suffers a wound, he can take any type of affiliation token.

Inquisitor's Ability

When the Inquisitor uses his ability, he takes all curse cards from the supply, looks at them, and gives them facedown to the players of his choosing.

The Inquisitor must give each curse card to a different player, and he may give these cards in any order. Players cannot look at any curse cards given to them, and all curse cards remain facedown until the game ends.

The Inquisitor s goal is to give the "True Curse" ability card to the eventual victorious clan's leader, thereby cursing that leader and winning the game.

Winning as the Inquisitor

Determine the victorious clan as normal. Now, flip all curse cards faceup. If the victorious leader has the "True Curse" ability card, the Inquisitor steals the victory away from that clan, and he alone wins the game.

If any player other than the leader of the victorious clan has the "True Curse" ability card, the card has no effect.

Additionally, if the Inquisitor becomes captured, he alone wins the game.

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