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This section explains each ability and its effect in detail.

Elder (1)

The Elder takes the "Quill" ability card from the supply and places it faceup next to his character card. The Elder is no longer the leader of his clan. The new leader of his clan is the character with the highest number.

Assassin (2)

The Assassin forces any player to suffer two wounds. Then, the Assassin gives the dagger to that player.

Harlequin (3)

The Harlequin chooses any two players. Then, he secretly looks at each of their character cards and returns them facedown to their respective owners, being careful not to let anyone else see them.

The Harlequin may share the information he learned, but he is not required to do so. If he does share information, he does not have to be honest about what he saw, leaving other players to second-guess any accusations he makes.

Note: The Harlequin's clue icon is of the rival clan.

Alchemist (4)

The Alchemist can use his ability only when he intervenes. After the Alchemist intervenes, he forces the player for whom he intervened to either suffer one wound or heal one wound (this choice lies with the Alchemist). To heal a wound, the player for whom the Alchemist intervened returns any one of his tokens to the supply.

If the healed player returns his rank token to the supply, then he may use his ability again the next time he takes his rank token.

Mentalist (5)

The Mentalist forces any player to suffer one wound; that player must take his rank token to suffer this wound. Then, the Mentalist gives the dagger to that player.

If that player currently has his rank token next to his character card, then he must take an affiliation token instead. If that player currently has three wounds, then he becomes captured.

Guardian (6)

The Guardian gives one "Shield" ability card to one player and takes the matching-colored "Sword" ability card for himself. The player with the "Shield" card is protected; players cannot attack him or use an ability to force him to suffer wounds.

However, he may intervene and, by choosing to intervene, suffer the wound as he normally would.

The protected player remains protected while he has the "Shield" card. When a Guardian with a "Sword" card suffers his third wound, he and all players he is protecting return their matching-colored "Sword" and "Shield" cards to the supply.

Berserker (7)

The Berserker forces the player who just attacked him to suffer one wound.

Mage (8)

The Mage gives a "Staff" ability card to another player and takes a "Staff" ability card for himself. If a player with a "Staff" ability card takes an affiliation token when suffering a wound, he must take an unknown () affiliation token.

If the Mage chooses to use his ability, then both players must receive "Staff" ability cards. If the Mage uses his ability a second time, he does not take a second "Staff" ability card.

Courtesan (9)

The Courtesan gives a "Fan" ability card to another player. During an attack against a targeted player who has a "Fan" ability card, other players cannot intervene.

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