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There exist also alternative rules: How to play Salvo?


  • 2 game units
  • 10 plastic ships
  • 4 runners of white pegs
  • 2 runners of red pegs
  • Label sheet

Each player's fleet contains 5 different ships:

  • Carrier (5 holes)
  • Battleship (4 holes)
  • Cruiser (3 holes)
  • Submarine (3 holes)
  • Destroyer (2 holes)


You and your opponent sit facing each other and neighter can see the other's ocean grid.

Place your fleet of 5 ships on the ocean grid.

Rules for placing ships:

  • Place each ship in any horizontal or vertical position but not diagonally.
  • Don't place a ship so that any part of it overlaps letters, numbers, the edge of the grid or another ship.
  • Don't change the position of any ships once the game has begun.

Game Play

Decide who will start. You and your opponent will alternate turns, calling out one shot per turn to try to hit each other's ships.

On your turn, pick a target hole and call out its location by letter and number.

When you call a shot, your opponent must tell you whether your shot is a hit or a miss.

  1. It's a hit

    If you call out a shot location that is occupied by a ship on your opponent's ocean grid, your shot is a hit!

    Your opponent tells you which ship you have hit (cruiser, submarine, battleship, etc..)..

    Record your hit by placing a red peg on your target grid. Your opponent places a red peg in the corresponding hole of the ship on his ocean grid.

  2. It's a miss

    If you call out a shot location not occupied by a ship on your opponent's ocean grid, its a miss.

    Record your miss by placing a white peg in the corresponding target hole on your target grid, so you will remember this location and won't call this shot again.

Sinking a Ship

Once all the holes in any one ship are filled with red pegs, the ship will sink. The owner of that ship must announce which ship was sunk.

End of the Game

If you are the first player to sink your opponent's entire fleet of 5 ships, you win the game.

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