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The SALVO variation of this game is recommended for more experienced players who have become familiar with the basic game.

Use the same rules as in the basic game except:

  • On your turn, call out 5 different shots. As you call out each shot, mark it with a white peg in your target ocean grid.

    At the end of your salvo of 5 shots, your opponent announces which shots were hits and which ships were hit.

  • If any of your shots are hits, change their corresponding white pegs to red pegs on your target grid. Your opponent will place red pegs in the holes of the ships that were hit.

  • Whenever any one of your ships has been sunk, you lose one shot when you fire your next salvo. So, the more ships sunk, the less shots you get.

Alternative Rules

For even more challenging game, don't disclose which of your ships have been hit.

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