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This is a unique variant of Battleship as the game is played on a 3D board. Players hide their submarines and a mine on the three underwater levels, and place their surface ships on the top level.

Players move a ship to a desired grid location and then fire a depth charge, marking off hits, near misses, and misses.

Opposing submarines can fire a torpedo at surface vessels that are in the same column.

Play alternates back and forth until one player sinks all three of his opponent's subs or all of his opponent's surface ships (almost never happens).


  • 1 Assembly and Play Instructions booklet
  • 1 Plastic Base
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Center Wall board
  • 2 Side Wall boards
  • 1 Top board
  • 6 Plotting Grids
  • 6 Depth Level Boards
  • 3 Red Submarines
  • 3 Red Flags
  • 1 Red Mine
  • 3 Red Surface Ships
  • 3 Yellow Submarines
  • 3 Yellow Flags
  • 1 Yellow Mine
  • 3 Yellow Surface Ships
  • 50 Red Pegs
  • 200 White Pegs

Game Play

Each player has a fleet of 3 Submarines hiding in the depth of the ocean, and 3 roving Surface Ships armed with depth charges to sink the opponent's Submarines.

Surface Ships face the danger of being torpedoed or sunk by a mine. The winner is the first player to either sink either the opponent's 3 Submarines or 3 Surface Ships.

(Official Game Rules and manual)
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