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Sunk In Silence

Allows players to decline to announce that a ship has been sunk

This requires the opponent to take further shots in order to confirm that an area is clear.

Moveable Ships

Allows a player to move one of their ships to a new, uncalled location every 4th or 5th move.

Salvo Shooting

Instead of shooting one time in each turn, the players can shoot 3 times, the opponent will only tell how many of the three shots were hits (and if so on what kind of vessel).

The fleet is slightly different: 2 submarines (two spaces), 2 destroyers (three spaces), 1 battleship (five spaces), and 1 aircraft carrier (five spaces arranged in a 'T').

Speedy Rules

You get 4 shots no matter how many ships you have which is what speeds the game up. People tend to play this option than the basic rules where almost no one plays, so you may find a willing opponent at busier times.


The players use intelligence collecting tools in order to pinpoint the location of each and every vessels in the enemy fleet:

  • a reconnaissance airplane reports sequences of ship parts in a row or column
  • a satellite image can be taken to count ship parts on a 3x3 square
  • a paratrooper can determine if one tile is populated by a ship part or sea.

Battleship Arena

The ocean is a 5x5 grid, on which each ship takes up one space. Each player has 3 ships, distinguished only by the number of hits they can sustain before sinking.

Ships may move in orthogonal directions, but the type of ship, distance, and direction of the move must be announced to one's opponent.

Ships may only fire on neighbouring squares, including diagonals, but a near-miss (when a square next to one's own ship is hit) must be declared as such.

Tetris Battleship

A fleet of 6 ships is hiding in the grid. They have the shapes of the tetris blocks. Ships may touch the edge of the board, but cannot touch each other.

Big Board

Play on a 20x20 board and double your fleet of ships. In each turn, the player can shoot 3 times.

Fog Over Fisher Bank

Each player puts 4 boats of one single square size on a 8x8 grid. Then you play firing one shot per turn.

If it is a hit, the boat is sunk. If it is a miss, the answer is a number: and it is the number of boats that lie in a straight line (in all 4 directions) from the location you shooted at.

Big Ocean

There is a a 20x20 grid containing the following vessels: one 8-square Battleship, one 7-square Battlecruiser, two 6-square Cruisers, two 5-square Light Cruisers, three 4-square Destroyers and four 3-square Submarines. A player can shoot 5 times in each turn.

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