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Join Earth's Mightiest Heroes and deadliest villains as you battle your way through the Marvel Universe with Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition!

Select the Red Apple card from your hand that best exemplifies the Green Apple card played by the judge. If the judge thinks your card makes the best team-up, you win the round. It's as easy as comparing "apples to apples"!


Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect 4 Green Apple cards.

Game Play

  1. Before beginning your adventure, shuffle the Red Apple cards and Green Apple cards then place them face down in two different piles.

  2. Choose a player to be first judge. This player deals 6 Red Apple cards, face down, to each player (including themself). Everyone can look at their cards.

  3. The judge turns over the top Green Apple card, chooses one of the words and reads it aloud, then places the card face up on the table.

  4. The other players choose the Red Apple card from their hand that they think makes the best combination with the Green Apple card and place their card face down on the table.

  5. The judge mixes the Red Apple cards, turns over each one and reads it aloud.

  6. After hearing all the explanations, the judge picks the Red Apple card they think is best and awards the Green Apple card to that player. Other cards played during the round are discarded.

  7. The role of the judge passes to the player on the left. The new judge deals enough Red Apple cards to bring everyone's hand back up to 6, turns over another Green Apple card and the next round begins.

Tabe Talk

Now it's time to make your case. Try to convince the judge that your card is the best choice.

Get creative with your reasons! "Table talk" is one of the most important - and hilarious - parts of the game!

And it doesn't matter if the Red Apple card you played isn't a perfect fit. Judges will often pick the most creative, silly, or interesting combination.

The Thanos Snaps Card

If the judge turns over a Thanos Snaps card, everyone (including the judge) must randomly choose three cards from their hand and immediately discard them.

The judge turns over another Green Apple card (ignoring any additional Thanos Snaps cards) and selects the next word to play. Players then choose a Red Apple card from the 3 remaining in their hand.

At the end of the round discard any Thanos Snaps card(s), and the next judge deals everyone back up to 6 cards.

End of the Game

The first player to collect 4 Green Apple cards wins the game!

Apples to Apples Variations

Superspeed Apples

For a faster game, players must choose their Red Apple cards as quickly as possible. Whoever plays the last Red Apple card must take it back and will not be able to participate that round.

Rage of Thanos

You'll need a minimum of 4 players for this game.

When the judge turns over a Thanos Snaps card, they must place that card in front of any player, knocking that player out for the round.

The KO'ed player may not play any cards until the round is over. This can be a handy tactic for slowing other players when they are close to winning.

The judge then continues turning over Green Apple cards until one with word options appears. The judge may only play one Thanos Snaps card per round, even if others are turned over.

Thanos Snaps cards do not erase half of your cards when playing Rage of Thanos.

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