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  • 6 Red Apple Dice
  • 1 Green Apple Die
  • 25 Green Apple Chips
  • Instructions

Game Play

  1. Choose a player to be the first judge.

  2. The judge rolls a letter on the Green Apple Die then thinks of an adjective that begins with that letter. If the wild apple symbol comes up, the judge can think up an adjective that begins with any letter they want.

    Once decided, the judge tells the adjective to the other players.

    Tip: An adjective is a word that describes something. For example, "hilarious" or "magical". If you're having trouble coming up with adjectives, use the list on the other side of this sheet.

    It contains lists of adjectives that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Just choose one that begins with the letter you rolled.

  3. After naming the adjective, the judge quickly rolls the same number of Red Apple Dice as there are non-judge players. (The judge doesn't get a red die for this part!)

    Players grab one of the Red Apple Dice and call out a noun that begins with the letter shown AND that is best described by the word called out by the judge.

    Remember, as soon as you know your word, you can call it out. (Note: You can also have the judge choose the order in which players will shout out their answer. Decide this before the game begins).

  4. The judge selects the noun that they think is best described by the adjective played. The player that gave that noun is awarded one Green Apple Chip.

  5. The green apple die is passed to the winner of the last round. They become the judge and play continues, following steps 1 - 4, until someone earns enough chips to win the game.

End of the Game

The first player to earn 5 Green Apple Chips is the winner!

Playing Tips

  • Remember, judges will often pick the most creative, humorous or interesting response.

  • Lobbying and "table talk" are encouraged! Players can comment on responses and try to convince the judge to pick a particular answer - either their own or a favorite choice.

  • Playing choices that appeal to the judge can improve your chances of winning. This is often called "playing to the judge".

Variations for younger players

Younger players can choose any letter on their die whether they are the judge or a player.

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