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Starting with whoever holds the "first player" token, each player activates his Survivors one after the other, in the order of his choice. Each Survivor can execute three Actions at the Blue Danger Level. This is increased to four when the Survivor reaches the Yellow Danger Level.

Some Survivors have a free Action at the Blue Danger Level. Any free Actions do not count toward this total.

Example: On her turn, Amy uses her free Move Action. She still has her basic three Actions of the turn remaining.

The possible Actions are:


The Survivor moves from one Zone to the next but cannot move through external building walls or closed doors. If there are Zombies in the Zone the Survivor is attempting to leave, he must spend one extra Action per Zombie to leave the Zone.

Entering a Zone containing Zombies terminates the Survivor's Move Action, even if he has a Skill that allows him to move through multiple Zones per Move Action.

Example 1: Ned is in a Zone with two Walkers. To leave this Zone, he spends one Move Action, then two more Actions (one per Walker), for a total of three Actions. If there had been three Zombies in the Zone, Ned would have needed four Actions to move!

Example 2: Wanda is next to a Zone containing a Zombie when she moves. Her Move Action ends in the Zone with the Zombie, even if her 2 Zones per Move Skill would normally allow her to move up to two Zones.


You can only Search Zones inside a building and only if there are no Zombies in the Zone. The player draws a card from the Equipment deck. He may then place it in the Survivor's inventory or immediately discard it.

A Survivor can only perform a single Search Action per turn, even if it's an extra, free Action. After searching, the Survivor may freely reorganize his inventory. (But the Survivor cannot trade with other Survivors; that is another Action!)

You may discard cards from your inventory to make room for new cards at any time, for free.

If the Equipment deck runs out, reshuffle all the discarded cards, with the exception of Wounded cards, Pans, Molotov, and pimpmobile cards (Ma's shotgun and the Evil Twins), to make a new deck.

Special case: Cars. You can Search a car as long as the Survivor is in the same Zone and no Zombies are in the Zone.

  • You can Search a pimpmobile only once per game. It contains either Ma's Shotgun or the Evil Twins (draw randomly). Some Missions may contain many pimpmobiles. In this case, only the weapons that have not yet been taken can be inside them. When there are no more...there are no more.

  • You can Search police cars more than once per game. Draw cards until you find a weapon. Discard the other cards. The Aaahh! card triggers the appearance of a Walker as usual and interrupts the Search.

Open a Door

Doors are usually locked. In this case, the Survivor cannot open the door unless he has a Melee weapon with an "Open a door" symbol in his hand.

Remember to place a Noise token in the Zone if the Survivor uses a noisy weapon.

Opening a building for the first time reveals all the Zombies inside all rooms of the building (a single building extends to all rooms connected by openings, sometimes straddling several tiles). Indicate each Zone of the building, one after the other in any order you choose, and draw a Zombie card for each Zone.

Place the corresponding number and type of Zombies on the indicated Zone. If you draw an Extra Activation or Manhole card, immediately perform the action indicated on the card, and do not add Zombies to the current Zone.

Some game effects, like the Lock it down Skill, allow an open door to be locked back. If it is opened again afterwards, it won't trigger a new Zombie Spawn.

Reorganize your inventory and trade with another survivor

At the cost of one Action, a Survivor can reorganize the cards in his inventory in any way he wishes. The Survivor can simultaneously exchange any number of cards with only one other Survivor currently in the same Zone. This other Survivor may reorganize his own inventory for free.

Ranged Combat

The Survivor uses a Ranged weapon he is holding in his hands to shoot at a single Zone within the range shown on the weapon's card.

Melee Combat

The Survivor uses a Melee weapon he is holding in his hands to attack the Zombies in his Zone (See Combat, page 15).

Get in or out of a car

The Survivor gets in or out of a car in his Zone. To get in a car, the Zone must have no Zombies and either the driver's seat or one of the three passenger's seats must be empty for the Survivor to occupy. There are no restrictions to getting out of a car.

Change Seats in a Car

The Survivor vacates the seat he's currently occupying and takes a different empty seat in the same car. If there are no empty seats in the car, Survivors cannot change seats.

Drive a Car

Cars can only be driven if the Mission allows it. The Suvivor occupying the driver's seat can move the car one or two street Zones per Action spent (cars cannot be driven into buildings).

This Action is not a Move and is not subject to movement modifiers, such as a free Move Action or increased movement, nor is it affected by disadvantages related to Move Actions (cars can leave a Zone with Zombies in it without the need to spend extra Actions).

A car attacks all Actors in the Zones through which it moves.

Take or Activate an Objective

The Survivor takes an Objective token or activates an object in the same Zone. The game effects are explained in the Mission's description.

Make Some Noise

The Survivor makes Noise in an attempt to attract Zombies. Place one Noise token in his Zone.

Do Nothing

The Survivor does nothing and prematurely ends his turn. His remaining Actions are lost.

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