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Hy-yah! Splat! La-la-laaa! Burp! The race is on in Yackety Smack! Record your own creative sounds on the Sound Smacker and try to be first to identify the corresponding cards. Win a round and you collect the cards in play and get to record your own laugh-out-loud sounds for the next round!


  • 1 Sound Smacker (voice recorder)
  • 60 Yackety Smack Cards (15 of each style)

Object of the Game

Collect the most cards!


  • For a 2 player game: remove one full set of color cards from the deck and one additional card from any other color set (you should now you have 44 cards to play with).

    For a 3 to 6 player game: play with the complete deck.

  • Shuffle the cards and deal them evenly in face-down piles to all players.

  • Before play begins, review some sounds that are representative of each of the different cards.

  • Pull the tab from the bottom of the Sound Smacker.

    Singer: singing or glass game3

    Karate Kid: martial arts, ninja cry or wood snapping

    Slime: splat, squish or slime

    Your Choice: Be creative and choose your own sound!

Game Play

  1. The youngest player will be the first Recorder. Everyone will take turns recording.

  2. The Recorder chooses two sounds (E.g. "Hy-yah, Splat!")and records them on the Sound Smacker. To record sounds, press and hold the side red button.

    1. Repeating the same sound twice is allowed. E.g. "Hy-yah, Hy-yah!"

    2. The "Your Choice" card can only represent one sound per round. If the Recorder decides to Moo as their "Your Choice" sound, then for that round the card represents a Moo.

  3. The Recorder places the Sound Smacker within reach of all players and presses the play button so that everyone can hear the two recorded sounds.

  4. Play begins with the Recorder and proceeds clockwise. Each player, in turn, flips over the top card from his or her face-down pile and places it face-up in front of this pile.

  5. When players flip a card, it must be flipped towards the other players so there is no peeking at the image on the card before it is flipped!

  6. Players continue taking turns flipping their cards and placing them on top of their face-up pile.

  7. As soon as both of the cards that correspond to the recorded sounds show at the same time, players race to smack the Sound Smacker.

    1. The order of the cards does NOT need to match the order in which the sounds were recorded.

    2. The two cards must be showing on separate face-up piles.

    3. Players must wait until they see BOTH cards showing at the same time to slap the Sound Smacker.

    4. If the Recorder used the same sound twice, players must spot TWO of the same card.

  8. The first player to hit the Sound Smacker wins all of the face-up cards in the playing area. This player adds these new cards to his or her face-down pile.

  9. If any player hits the Sound Smacker by mistake, that player, as a penalty, must give a card from his or her face-down pile to each of the other players.

  10. The winning player becomes the Recorder for the next round.

  11. When a player plays the last card in his or her face-down pile, he or she will still have a chance to hit the Sound Smacker to win the round. If he or she does not win the round, the game ends.

End of the Game

All players count their cards. The player with the most cards wins!

Game Variations

Name Play: The Recorder records one sound and the name of one player. When the correct card appears on the pile in front of the player whose name was recorded, players race to hit the Sound Smacker to win the round.

Yackety Smack extreme: When playing with 5 or more players, record three sounds instead of two so that three cards must be visible before a player can hit the Sound Smacker.

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