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Rating: 5 Moderate
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 5-2 minutes

Created by: Roberto Fraga

Published by: ThinkFun


The party game Yackety Smack! features a voice recorder called the Sound Smacker and sixty cards divided into four types: singer, slime, karate kid and "Your Choice".

After the cards are shuffled and dealt, the youngest player records two sounds on the Sound Smacker that match the images on two cards, e.g. "Trolololo" and "Squish". The "Your Choice" card allows for, as the name suggests, a sound of your choice.

After this, the players start flipping over their cards in turns. As soon as two face-up cards correspond to the recorded sounds, the first player to smack the Sound Smacker wins and takes all revealed cards and adds these to his face-down pile.

The game ends at the end of a round if one or more players have no cards in hand.

The player who collected the most cards wins!

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