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Powers on bird cards fall into 3 categories:

When activated (brown): These powers may be activated from right to left whenever you use the corresponding habitat.

A Cache: This refers to putting a food token on a bird (the bird is saving the food for later). You cannot spend that food token; instead, it's worth 1 VP at end of game. If you run out of food tokens, you can cache cards instead (use discarded cards).

B This indicates that the bird is a predator.

C Wingspan: The wingspan of each bird is used for comparison for some bird abilities.

D This indicates that the b8rd's power involves tucking other bird cards under it to represent the creation of a flock. Each of these tucked cards are worth 1 VP at end of game.

E Once Between Turns (pink): These powers may be triggered on opponents' turns. You can only use a pink power once between each of your own turns (if an opponent triggers it). We recommend telling other players what the power is, and what activates it. Players should help each other notice when a bird with a pink power should be activated.

F When played (no color): These powers may be activated only when a bird is played (never again after you play the bird).

Bird powers are always optional. For example, if you do not want to spend a card by tucking it under a flocking bird, you do not have to do so.

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