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AI Turn

Human player always keeps the first player marker and otherwise plays as normal. On the Artificial Intelligence (Al) player's turn, take the bottom card of the Al deck and play it, always face down, onto the current turn slot on the Al board.

Depending on which card it is, the Al performs an Action:

  • If the Al card is a Technology card, resolve the Al Research action - the Al claims the left-most Technology card and then ends its turn.

    Whenever a new Technology card is revealed, place it to the right from the other cards.

    Ignore the text on the Al's Technology cards during play.

  • If the Al card is a Tactics card, resolve the Al Promote action - take the top 2 cards from the advanced tactics deck and shuffle them into the Al's Tactics deck. Then the Al ends its turn.

  • If the Al card is an Action card, resolve the Al Control action - Al claims the left-most available Objective card, then places Colonies on all planets where it has ships.

    Whenever a new Objective card is revealed, place it to the right from the other cards.

If the Al card is an Objective card, resolve the Al Reinforce action - Deploy 2 Al ships to every planet of that planet type that has no player ships and for which any of the following is true:

  • Planet has Al Colony, OR
  • Planet has Al ship, OR
  • Planet is in a sectoradjacentto Al Warpgate and has no player control marker.

If there are no valid planets of the chosen type to deploy at least 1 Al ship, resolve the Al Warp-in action instead - deploy 3 ships at Al warpgate.

If there aren't enough ships in the Al's supply to deploy, deploy as many as there are available, placing 1 ship per planet at a time, then resolve the Al attack action. Otherwise, Al ends its turn after deploying ships.

Al Attack action - the Al moves or attacks with its largest group of ships to the closest planet of the revealed planet type, except those with Al ships or those with Al Colony and no player ships.

  • If there's a tie in the number of ships between multiple groups of ships, the Al attacks with the one closest to the valid planet. If the range is the same, human player decides.

  • If the planet the Al is moving from has no Al Colonies, or is a planet with a trade icon, the Al will leave 1 ship behind, before attacking, as long as it still has at least 1 ship to attack with.

  • If the Al already controls or has ships on all planets of that planet type, discard the Al action card and the Al takes another turn.

If there is a battle, the Al will play the top card from its combat deck and discard the other. If Al is victorious, the human player always decides where to withdraw in case of a tie. Other than that, resolve battles as you would against a human player.

A few more rules

  • Like a human player, the Al plays 4 cards per round and then discards them.

  • Once the Al goes through its entire Action deck, shuffle the discard to form a new Al Action deck.

  • Whenever the Al would refresh a Trade Good, it claims an available Trade Good instead. The Al never spends or refreshes its Trade Goods.

  • Al ignores effects that affect future actions (can't attack etc). exceptthe special ability of Tethisian Enclave. When playing with that faction, end the Al turn instead of resolving the Al Attack action on Turns 1 and 3.

End of the Game

The game ends using the usual end game conditions.

The Al scores 2 points for every Technology (regardless of the listed point value), 5 points for every mission (regardless of whether completed or not), 3 points for every Trade Good and 1 point for each Hero Tactics card and Advanced Tactics card.

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