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Rating: 8.1 Very Good
Players: 1-6 players
Playing time: 90-39 minutes

Official Site: Publisher's website

Created by: Artyom Nichipurov

Published by: Wolff Designa


Not long after harnessing space flight and taking their first bold steps into the great void, your people discovered an object on the far edge of their star system.

An exploration fleet was assembled and sent to investigate. The object was a colossal gate, presumably built by an ancient alien race. When approached, it activated, opening a passage into uncharted space.

This is where you take command.

Warpgate is a fast-paced game of hand management and area control. As a leader of a unique race of aliens, lead them towards triumph.

Move your fleets of star-ships on a hex-based modular game board, establish colonies and outposts and engage your enemies in battles for the control of prized commodities.

Research new technologies and grow your galactic empire.

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Warpgate: Extra Board Tile Promo

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  • 1 AI player board
  • 8 Double-sided Faction boards
  • 13 Double-sided board tiles
  • 72 Plastic Ships in 6 colors
  • 180 Tokens
  • 220 Cards
  • 6 Plastic Research Drones in 6 colors
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Warpgate is a strategic board game in which you represent one of the factions, competing for control of the galaxy. Unlock Technologies, establish trade routes, and conquer planets to lead your faction towards triumph.

The player with the most victory points (VP) at the end of the game wins.


  1. Each player picks a faction board at random (or allow players to choose) and then chooses which side of the faction board to play with. The two sides are marked "A" and "B" in the bottom right corner of the faction board. …

Each Action card depicts 2 of the 11 actions in the game. The short rules for each action are listed on the cards themselves. You can refer to this section for more in-depth clarification when needed.

The number of times each action appears on the Action cards is depicted on the bottom edge of your faction board. For simplicity, similar actions are grouped and described together.


All similar actions in the game are of the same color. All regular movement actions are blue. All attack / movement actions are red. All deployment actions are green. …

Attacking is moving your ships to a planet with another player's ships, using a Skirmish, Advance, or Concentrate action.

The only way to move your ships to a planet with another player's ships is by attacking.

Attack results in a battle. The player who is currently resolving the action is the attacker and the other player who has ships at the planet is the defender.

Tactics Cards

There are three types of Tactics cards - Basic Tactics, Hero Tactics, and Advanced Tactics. For the purpose of resolving a battle , they work in exactly the same way. …

AI Turn

Human player always keeps the first player marker and otherwise plays as normal. On the Artificial Intelligence (Al) player's turn, take the bottom card of the Al deck and play it, always face down, onto the current turn slot on the Al board.

Depending on which card it is, the Al performs an Action:

  • If the Al card is a Technology card, resolve the Al Research action - the Al claims the left-most Technology card and then ends its turn. …

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