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Variant Module: Achievements

If you are looking for a more competitive game, you may include Achievement cards, which allow you to race against other players for extra points. Note: the Achievements are not supported in solo mode.

Setting Up Achievements

During the General Setup shuffle Achievement cards, and draw 4 at random. Place them next to the main game board face up. Place any unused Achievements back in the box, they will not be used during the game.

Unlocking Achievements

On your turn (not during Reactions) you may unlock an Achievement as a free action. In order to unlock an Achievement, you must be able to show that you currently possess all the required components on your Laboratory board.

These may include a number of completed Experiments of a given type (a Masterpiece, after being completed, is treated as any other Experiment), a number of Artifacts, specific positions on Mastery tracks and more (see the appendix for detailed descriptions of all cards).

If you managed to unlock an Achievement, immediately place it face-down next to your Laboratory board. Some Achievements show immediate bonuses on their bottom-left corner. Perform these bonuses immediately upon unlocking the Achievement (or lose them).

Its Victory Point value will be added to your total during the final scoring. Achievements are not replenished after being unlocked. Other players may no longer unlock this Achievement.


In order to unlock an Achievement you do not spend any of its requirements. It is enough to just demonstrate possession of all required components.

Once you unlock the Achievement, no further action is required. You will score Victory Points for it the same way you would score points for Experiments.

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