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Family Sheet Breakdown

Every player takes the family sheet 'whose background color matches his followers. Each family sheet gives an overview of the different regions' functions, the different factions' benefits, and has spaces where players can place the tokens and markers they acquire.

Victory Condition Card Breakdown

What is a Tribune

In the Roman Empire, "tribune " was the name given to a variety of similar offices with diverse functions and responsibilities.

A people's tribune was a representative elected from among the plebeians, who acted as champion of the mass- es. He was supposed to combat injustice, and the tyranny of the patrician aristocracy.

An aerar tribune was a plebeian official in charge of payments to Roman troops. Av this office gained importance, it came to constitute a social class of its own. An aerar tribune could also be called to court as a juror.

A military tribune was a high-ranking officer in the Roman army, generally nominated by the consuls. Each legion had six military tribunes, who shared the supreme command in turn, rotating every two months.

Later, military tribunes were also elected by the people. The importance of this office varied at different times, and it could be held by patricians or by plebeians.

Card Placement Example:

History Unsatisfactory

It will be obvious to those who know a lot about the history of the Roman Empire that not all of the facts, people, and. descriptions in this game fit into the same chronology.

In designing Tribune, liberties have been taken to facilitate play and create a better atmosphere, but also, many terms used in the game underwent considerable change during the course of Roman history and cannot be documented with absolute accuracy even today.

Tribune does not aspire to absolute authenticity, but with any luck, it will spark your interest in learning more about Roman history!

Follower Spaces on Faction Fields

The seven fields across the top of the hoard represent the different factions that the players will try to gain control over throughout the course of the game.

Regions, Follower Spaces, & Fields

The eight regions of the board are marked with Roman numerals. The term "region" explicitly includes all of the card fields and all of the spaces associated with the numbered

Faction Card Breakdown

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