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There are 2 variants, which may be applied separately or in combination:

Variant Ship Market

Here the reverse side of the Ship Market is used. There are no additional costs to be paid. But only ships purchased from the first 3 market positions start with coal. The other 3 ships are deployed after purchase without coal.

Variant President

The action card DIRECTOR is replaced by the PRESIDENT card. In addition, contracts enter the game as a new element.

They are gained only when deploying a new ship: For each of the 3 characteristics tonnage, speed, and passenger capacity the player gains 1 contract, if his new ship outnumbers all other ships in the region (example).

Ships being pushed out cannot gain contracts elsewhere.

Green deploys the GERMANIC. most tonnage passengers he 2 contracts. tie in knots is not enough!


  1. The player takes all his cards back into his hand. Important: He must take back at least 5 cards including the PRESIDENT. Otherwise he cannot take this action.

  2. For 3 contracts each he may buy 1 Coal Bunker or marker for freight, mail, or passengers for his player sheet. If he has enough contracts, he may buy even more markers, which have to be different (but never a Blue Riband). Leftover contracts are sold for £ 20 each to the bank.

  3. like DIRECTOR.

  4. like DIRECTOR.

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