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Shortened Versions of Titan

A game of TITAN can become a long affair, depending on the number of players involved and their relative skill and experience.

In the event that players must stop the game before it is decided, a victor can be determined by adding each player's score to the total value of all of his remaining Legions. Each Legion should be revealed as it is counted.

The player with the highest grand total is the winner. If instead, the game is to be postponed, each player, should reveal each of his Legions to the scorekeeper, who should record its contents and the number of the Land which it occupies.

Players who know they will not have time for a complete game may wish to modify the game to speed its conclusion. Here are some ways to shorten the game.

  • The simplest way to shorten the game is to put a time limit on it. Before starting, a time limit is set at which play will cease, when the time limit is reached, the player's total both their current score and the value of all of their Legions on the Masterboard, and the highest total wins.

  • Another way of playing a shorter game without using a specific time limit is to target a specific point total, with the first player to reach or pass this total at the end of a turn winning the game. If more than one player passes the total in the same turn, the player with the higher total wins.

For 3-4 players who know the rules, a point total of 300 will usually take about 60 to 90 minutes to play.

For 5-6 players, 300 points will usually take about 75-100 minutes.

Especially when playing against a time deadline, players may choose to limit the time available to move and maneuver during Masterplay and Battle. For example, each player could be limited to three minutes to complete a Movement Phase on the Masterboard.

Players who fail to move at least one of their Legions within the three minute limit for Masterplay, must randomly determine which one of their Legions will move.

In Battle, a player is limited to one minute to move his characters during his Maneuver Phase (allow two minutes for each player's first phase); any characters not brought on the Battle- land within this limit are eliminated. These constraints handicap players with a large number of Legions in play, and those who are inexperienced and unskilled. They also train players to think ahead.

Titan Variant

One option to shorten the game is a variant that eliminates some of the lower order Creatures. For this version Centaurs, Gargoyles, and Ogres are deleted from the game. Each player begins with two Cyclops, two Lions, and Two Trolls instead of the standard set up, and these three Creature types are now considered Tower Creatures.

In addition, players may use only eight Legion Markers (instead of 12), unless they eliminate another Titan, thereby gaining the use of his eight markers. This variant eliminates much of the interesting strategy of the early game, but retains the climactic struggles with the more powerful Creatures of the end game.

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