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Rating: 5 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 20-16 minutes

Created by: Wai Mei Theresa Syn, Wai Mei Theresa Syn

Published by: (Self-Published)


The Singaporean Dream is a humorous card game that lets you steal, sabo and pay your way to be the perfect Singaporean.

You play a classic Singaporean Personality (different for each player) that grants you special powers.

The game goal is to collect as many dream as you can before the dream pile runs out. You can buy the Dream Cards with Cash Cards in the bank or gain them with Action Cards.

During your turn, you draw two cards and play up to 3 actions: - play an action card from your hand; - place money in bank (cards from hand to table) - buy a dream using money in bank; - use personality special power.

keep doing this until the dreams runs out.

Retail Price:$0
The Singaporean Dream: Expansion Pack

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