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Below is a list of the available gods. They are listed in the order of what phase in the game (I, II, III, IV) they have their main effect. Each god changes the rules for the player choosing him/her in some way.


God of Drunks (I)

If the god Shadipinyi is in play, place his plaque at the front of the queue, before the first player. The plaque functions just like the player plaques, and receives cattle during the generosity of the kings phase.

The player who adores Shadipinyi gets all of the cattle placed on this plaque in addition to his own, so he receives about double the amount of cattle as other players do.


God of Beginnings (I)

In each generosity of the kings phase, the player who adores Elegua may pay up to three cattle for his first gift from the common stock instead of paying them from his own stock.

If the player wants to bid more, he needs to add cattle from his personal stock.


The God who changes her mind (II)

The player adoring Dziva may raise and/or lower the prices on all of his technology cards at the beginning of his turn, even if he has not chosen a place craftsman action.

Note that this is the only way you can lower prices.


God of Connections (II: Build Craftsmen / Raise Monuments)

The player adoring Eshu has a transportation range of 6 instead of 3. Note that all craftsmen on the board have range 6, increasing the number of map resources available to craftsman.

This may increase or decrease the number of available building spots! The range effect occurs only during the turn of the Eshu player.


The Master Craftsman (II: Place Craftsmen)

If a player adores Gu, he only pays 1 VR for each acquired technology card.

If a player starts adoring Gu after he has already acquired one or more technology cards, he earns a VR rebate, i.e. he retroactively pays only 1 VR per technology card.

This effect occurs before a player incurs the additional VR for Gu; therefore, it may be possible to choose Gu when you are at 40 VR.


Creator of Mankind (II: Build a Monument)

The player adoring Obatala may place two monuments instead of one when taking the Build a Monument action.


Goddess of Fertility (II: Raise Monuments)

The player adoring Atete may use each resource a second time, i.e. he may place a second used marker on each resource.


The Shape Shifter (II: Raise Monuments)

The player who adores Tsui-Goab does not need to provide different types of ritual goods when raising a level 2 or higher monument.

He may use the same type of ritual good multiple times, e.g. two masks instead of a mask and an ivory carving.

However, even Tsui-Goab cannot use primary ritual goods once secondary ritual goods of that type become available.


The Trickster (II: Raise Monuments)

Anansi only pays 1 cattle per ritual good bought at a craftsman regardless of the set price.

If a secondary ritual good is bought, the player must still provide the primary ritual good and pay that craftsman 1 cattle as well.


God of Trade (II: Raise Monuments, of each player)

If Qamata is in play, all players using hubs have to pay to the Qamata card instead of to the common stock.


Provider of Cattle (III)

The player adoring Engai gains 2 additional cattle in each revenue phase.


Lord of Drummers (IV)

Xango has no particular benefits, but he lowers the VR of the player adoring him by two. In addition, should multiple players reach their VR in the same round, Xango wins any ties.

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