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  • Gameboard
  • Spinner and base
  • 100 cards
  • 4 cars
  • Money pack
  • 4 savings tokens
  • 24 pegs
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to collect 500K to pay off your soul-crushing debt!


  1. Insert the spinner base into the gameboard.

  2. Choose a car and add a peg. (That emotionless little guy is you!)

    Put your car on the START space. Place the savings token that matches your car on the zero space of the savings tracker. As you collect (and lose) money, you'll move your token along the tracker.

  3. Sort the cards into four decks.

    Put the Action deck in its place on the board. Give each player an "On Your Turn" card for reference. Keep the other decks nearby.

  4. Get a Job! (Now we sound like your parents).

    Each of you draws two Job cards, keeps their favorite (cough cough highest-paying), and returns the other card to the deck.

    Put yourJob card out in front of you.

  5. Get a House! (We use that word loosely).

    Each of you draws two House cards, keeps their favorite (cough cough cheapest rent), and returns the other card to the deck.

    Put your House card out in front of you.

  6. Force the player best at math to be the banker.

    They give everyone money. Just kidding - you don't start with any money. You're broke, remember?

Game Play

The player who cried last goes first. On your turn:

  1. Spin and move forward that number of spaces.

    On your first turn, decide which direction to move. When you come to an intersection, you choose which path to take.

    You're allowed to loop around to spaces you've already been on, as long as you're always moving in the same direction. No switching directions!

    Stop immediately if you hit a STOP space. See STOP SPACES for what to do.

  2. Did you pass or land on any of these spaces?

    Payday! For each of these spaces you pass or land on, collect your salary from the bank. Remember to collect your increased salary if you have a spouse!

    Rent! For each of these spaces you pass or land on, pay the rent amount on your House card.

    Risky Road! If you land on one of these spaces, collect or pay the amount shown.

    Watch Out!

    If you land on a space that another player is already on, you've gotten into a car crash! Both of you must pay 10K to the bank for not having auto insurance.

  3. Draw an action card.

    See ACTION CARDS for details.

    Don't have enough money to complete an action?

    See LOANS and dive deeper into the dark abyss of debt!

  4. Count up your money.

    Then move your token to that number on the savings tracker. The tracker lets you see how well (or terribly) your opponents are doing.

    That's it! You can stare at your phone or whatever while the next person clockwise goes.

Stop Spaces

Stop immediately if you reach one of these spaces, even if you have moves left. After you complete the action, spin again. Only pick up an Action card at the end of your turn, after you spin.


If you're single, get hitched! Add a peg to your car. If you already have a spouse, get divorced! Kick your spouse peg out of your car. Now spin again!

If you have a card that protects you from divorce, you can play it on this space!

New Job

Draw two new Job cards and keep your favorite.

Return the other card (and your old Job) to the bottom of the deck. Now spin again!

New House

Time to move! Draw two new House cards and keep your favorite.

Return the other card (and your old House) to the bottom of the deck. Now spin again!


The first time you stop on this space, spin to see how many babies you have and how much baby shower money you get!

1-21 baby and 20K
3-4Twins and 40K
5-6Triplets and 60K

Pop those pegs into your car and spin again!

If you stop on this space again, you don't spin for kids. Instead, you have to pay childcare-20K per kid in your car. Now spin again!

Action Cards

When you draw an Action card, do what it says, and then return it to the bottom of the deck (unless it says otherwise). Some Action cards require you to spin. These spins do not count toward Side Gigs.

Cards with this symbol let you sabotage another player. If you choose to do the dare on a card, you get to give that card to the player of your choice-they then must do the action (pay, get divorced, etc). instead of you.

If you don't do the dare (coward), the card affects just you.

Cards with this symbol have a penalty that lasts after your turn. Hold onto the card as a reminder of the penalty.

Once you've completed the requirement on the card, return it to the bottom of the deck.


If you don't have enough money to complete an action, take out a bank loan.

  • Take cash from the bank, plus one bank loan certificate for every 10K you need to borrow.

  • Pay the loan off at any time by returning each certificate to the bank along with 10K in cash.

  • You have to pay off any loans before you can win.

End of the Game

The first player to reach 500K at the end of a turn wins. Congrats, you're free of crippling debt! Well, in this game, at least.

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