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  • gameboard
  • 4 tokens
  • Spinner and base
  • 96 cards (in 2 decks)
  • 48 stars
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Hello! Your day is just about to get better. And exactly what fantastic things you do and where you go is totally up to you!

Collect stars as you travel through fantastic adventures.

If you get 10 stars first, you win!


Separate the cards into 58 Action cards, 22 $1 Notes, 12 VIP tickets, 4 Books of Adventures.

Choose your Junior car, and place it on its matching color START space.

Take the Book of Adventures card that matches the color of your car.

Give each player:

  • 3 Vip Tickets

    Find the places on the gameboard that you got VIP tickets for.

    When you visit these places, you get a BONUS STAR!

  • 4 $1 Notes

    You need to pay to get into some attractions.

Put all the Action cards, stars, and remaining money facedown next to the gameboard.

Choose 1 player to be banker - they can play too!

Game Play

The oldest player goes first, and play continues clockwise.

On your turn:

  1. Spin the spinner.
    • Move your car forward that number of spaces.

    • Always go clockwise around the board; follow the arrows.

    • If your spin would take you past an attraction, you can just stop on it.

  2. Where Did you Land?

    See below for what to do when you stop at an attraction or land on an Action space.

  3. That's It!

    Your turn is over and the player to your left spins next.

Did you (and on a yellow Action space? Take an Action card and have some fun!

Action cards give you stars or money, but some take away stars or money! (If you have no money to pay for an action, do nothing!)

There are stories to tell, impressions to act out, and maybe even some singing to do!

Keep your Action cards in front of you; they will remind you what you did on your fantastic day!

Here's some info on Action cards:

Did you stop at an attraction?

  1. Pay the entry fee to the bank unless it's free!

  2. Put a star on your Book of Adventures.

  3. Check your VIP tickets. If you have the matching ticket, you get a BONUS STAR! Turn over your ticket to show you've visited and taken your bonus star.

  4. Now, tell everyone what you did there!

You do not need to spin the exact amount to get into an attraction; you can just stop there, even if you have moves left. If you have no money for a paid attraction, you can't go in, and you don't get a star!

You only get 1 visit to each attraction per game!

Note: If you go to your START space again, you'll get $1 in pocket money! (This ends your turn).

Do you want to ride the FUN TRAIN?

Pay the fare, get a star, and take a ride to the other side of the gameboard.

The Fun Train runs in both directions!

End of the Game

If you're the first player to get 10 stars, you're the winner!

Now tell everyone what you did on your fantastic day! Look at your Action cards as a reminder.

The other players can do the same afterward!

Game Example

First of all, I went to the MUSEUM, where I saw tots of dinosaurs, and I got 2 STARS because I had the VIP TICKET too!

Then I made an imaginary SNOWMAN and pretended to be a COWBOY before going to the CHOCOLATE FACTORY.

I won another STAR for describing the best birthday party. I jumped in the puddles, then rode the FUN TRAIN, and that got me my 10 STARS!

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