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2-player Changes

To allow for a more dynamic and exciting 2-player experience, between each player's turn they add a Vehicle card to a random Worm.

This extra Distraction may cause a Worm to attack or potentially disrupt a player's perfect plans. Each turn will have a new 4th step: Roll for a Worm.

Roll for a Worm

After you have completed your normal turn, and before resolving Worm attacks, roll 1 coordinate die.

The Terror zone is marked with 3 sets of numbers that indicate which Worm is affected by the roll (1-2, 3-4, 5-6).

Draw a Vehicle card and place it face up on the rolled Worm. Immediately resolve the Distraction arrows at the bottom of the drawn card. Ignore all other information on the card.

Note: A newly-placed Distraction can be placed on a Worm that is already at its card limit. This is the only time this exception may occur.

Advanced Setup

Location Tiles

Once you are familiar with the basic gameplay, the Location tiles are meant to provide a variable setup. Mix up the tiles and randomly assign them to the starting spaces.

Or if you're feeling really daring, roll the coordinate dice for each Location tile and try a truly randomized setup.

Advanced Worm Setup

Once you are familiar with the basic setup, you can also choose to ignore the starting cards and create a random setup by drawing cards directly from the Worm deck: (2 players draw 4 Worms, 3 player draws 5 Worms, 4 players draw 6 Worms, 5 players draw 7 Worms).

It is still recommended that you have at least 1 Egg of each color at the start of the game.

Canyon Side of the Game Board

On the reverse side of the game board is a slightly different layout which includes a new feature, the Canyon. The Canyon board can be played with any player count, but is recommended for 4 & 5 player games and provides a larger area for players to maneuver.

Special Rules

No player token, Target token, or Rubble may ever be placed in a Canyon space. Players cannot end their movement on a Canyon space.

When resolving Distraction arrows for Worm movement, the Target token ignores any Canyon spaces and moves until it reaches the next available desert space. If Rubble would be placed onto a Canyon space, it is not placed.

Ramping the Canyon

Yes, you can ramp over the Canyon. For 1 action, move your pawn forward in a straight line until you reach the next desert space. Depending on how many spaces you move, there will be a cost and the possibility of failure!

To ramp over a single Canyon space, discard a Vehicle card from your hand. If you land on any Rubble, immediately place the Rubble onto your Leader.

To ramp over more than one space of the Canyon, discard a 6 or 7 Vehicle card from your hand and roll a die. Whether you fail or succeed, you immediately gain 1 VP token for being a daredevil.

On a result of 1, 2, or 3, your Leader is killed. Drop all Rubble and Eggs you are carrying onto the space where you would have landed. On a result of 4, 5, or 6, you land safely. If you land on any Rubble, immediately place the Rubble onto your Leader.

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