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Common Card Explanations:


When you play a Boots card, you will also play another Vehicle card from your hand. You gain the displayed number of additional Action Points only and then discard the card.

Do not perform this card's special ability or add it to the Terror zone. Note: You cannot play a 7 card to receive the additional bonus.

Also, you cannot Pick Up All Eggs with your initial 2 actions and use the extra Action Points to take more actions.


A Bicycle card allows you to play another card as a Distraction, face down.

This card may be played on any Worm that has not reached its limit. Later, when the Worm attacks, any facedown cards are revealed and Distraction arrows are resolved.

If multiple cards are facedown, reveal them in the order they were placed.


A Motorcycle card will cause all Target tokens on the game board to move 1 space closer to you.

If the Target token could be moved in multiple ways to become closer, you get to choose which direction the Target moves.


Hats are a special permanent and fashionable bonus that players can acquire from the Item deck.

They are played face up near your Leader and are usable each turn once played. Hats are always discarded when your Leader dies (or if a player shoots it off with a Pistol).

Your Leader can only wear 1 Hat at a time. You may replace a Hat your Leader is wearing by discarding your previous Hat and playing a new one from your hand.

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