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  • 3 Target tokens
  • 16 Victory Point tokens
  • 28 Eggs
  • 50 Rubble pieces
  • 5 Player pawns
  • 1 Game board
  • 2 Dice (1 Red, 1 Blue)
  • 5 Location tiles
  • 42 Bounty cards
  • 24 Item cards
  • 23 Weapon cards
  • 5 W.O.R.M. standees
  • 37 W.O.R.M. cards
  • 6 Player Aid cards
  • 16 Character cards
  • 54 Vehicle cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The goal of Terror Below is to be the first player to score 20 Victory Points (VP) by collecting Worm Eggs and delivering them to Locations around town. Or alternatively, by hunting down and killing those vicious Worms.

During the game, your squad of unlikely heroes will visit Locations around the small desert town to find bounties, scavenge for weapons, and try to survive as you distract the Worms.

Eventually, those Worms will attack. If you are in their path of destruction, you better be prepared for a fight!


  1. Place the board in the center of the table with the Desert (without the Canyon) side up.

  2. Place the Location tiles onto their starting spaces as shown. Starting Location spaces are marked with a bull skull. yr

  3. Separately shuffle the Bounty deck, Weapon deck, Item deck, Character deck, and Vehicle deck.

  4. Set aside the 4 starting Worm cards (black bordered Worm cards with no health or card limit numbers) and then shuffle the Worm deck, placing it near the Terror zone.

  5. Place the Bounty deck near the Government Facility. Flip 4 cards face up to form the Bounty Line along the top of the board.

  6. Place the Weapon deck near the State Police.

  7. Place the Item deck near the General Store.

  8. Place the Vehicle deck in reach of all players.

  9. Place the 3 Target tokens in the Worm card slots on the Terror zone of the board.

  10. Place all remaining tokens and pieces in separate piles next to the board. For added ambiance and terror, add any of the W.O.R.M. standees around the board or near the Terror zone.

Player Setup

  1. Give each player a pawn and player aid in their color.

  2. Deal each player 1 Item card and 1 Weapon card. Item and Weapon cards are kept hidden from other players.

  3. Each player draws 3 Vehicle cards to form their starting hand. A player's hand size limit is 3.

  4. Each player draws 3 Character cards to form their squad. Look at and choose 1 Character to be your starting Leader. Place this Leader face up in front of you with the remaining characters face up underneath in any order. Place any unused Character cards back in the box.

Initial Worm, Egg and Rubble Setup

Worm Cards

Worm cards come in 5 different types and with 4 different Egg colors. They represent the different Worms that will attack players throughout the game.

Each Worm card also displays starting coordinates that correlate to the grid on the game board.

When a Worm card is first revealed, it is placed into an open numbered spot in the Terror zone, and the matching Target token is placed onto the board at the starting coordinates listed on the card.

When a Worm eventually attacks, the Target token represents the center space on the grid shown on the Worm card. Place an Egg that matches the color shown on the card into the space with the Target token.

Then, place 1 piece of Rubble in each of the shaded spaces displayed on the card. If Rubble is already on that space, simply add another to it. There is a maximum of 2 Rubble per space.

However, Eggs and Rubble cannot be placed on a Location.

If Rubble would be placed on a Location, or off the edge of the playing field, simply do not place the Rubble.

If an Egg would be placed on a Location, instead, after placing all Rubble, roll the coordinate dice and place the Egg in the resulting coordinates.

Egg and Rubble Setup

Now that you know how Worms attack, take the 4 Starting Worm cards and resolve an attack for each Worm using the starting coordinates on the Worm card.

Be sure to add an Egg and the appropriate Rubble to the board. Since they are attacking, there is no need to place any Target tokens.

  • For 3 players, draw 1 additional Worm from the Worm deck and resolve an attack.
  • For 4 players, draw and resolve 2 additional Worm attacks.
  • For 5 players, draw and resolve 3 additional Worm attacks.

Then, form a discard pile next to the Worms with any cards used to attack.

Worm Setup

Draw a Worm from the Worm deck and place it face up into the lowest-numbered slot in the Terror zone.

Then, place the matching-numbered Target token on the board coordinates listed on the Worm card. Do this for all 3 slots in the Terror zone.

The player who most recently defeated a Worm in combat is the starting player.

Beginning with the last player and continuing in reverse player order, each player places their pawn on a Location of their choice. Players cannot choose the same starting Location.

Game Play

Beginning with the starting player, each player takes a turn by performing 3 steps in order-play a Vehicle card, resolve the played card, and then refill their hand.

After completing their turn, check for a possible Worm Attack. Afterwards, play passes to the next player in clockwise order.

1. Play a Vehicle Card

Play a Vehicle card from your hand face up on 1 of the 3 spots in the Terror zone below the Worm of your choice.

Each Worm card has a card limit displayed in the bottom right-hand corner, which represents the number of Vehicle cards that can be played on it. You can never play a card on a Worm that has already reached its card limit.

2. Resolve the Played Card

Then resolve the played card in 3 steps-Distraction, Perform Actions, and Resolve Special Ability.


At the bottom of each Vehicle card is a set of arrows that represents a Distraction. These are the directions a Worm's Target token moves after playing the card.

Resolving each arrow icon from left to right, move the Target token of the Worm you have Distracted this turn 1 space in each direction indicated.

If this causes the Target token to exit the game board, ignore the movement and resolve the subsequent arrow.

A Target token will never leave the playing field. Some Vehicle cards do not have any Distraction arrows, so the Target token of the Worm will not move when this card is played.

Perform Actions

You receive Action Points equal to the number shown on the card. Spend these Action Points to perform any of the actions listed below. You may take the same action multiple times if desired.

This step is complete when you have spent all of your Action Points or have performed the "Pick up all Eggs" action.

For 1 Action Point, you may:
  • Move 1 space orthogonally. You may never move into a space containing Rubble.

    You can move into or through a space with another player's pawn, but you cannot end your movement on the same space as another player.

  • Ramp another player. If another player's pawn is adjacent to yours, you may jump over their piece as long as there is an empty space adjacent to their piece. Your pawn may change direction while ramping another player.

  • Remove 1 rubble from a space adjacent to your pawn. Place the Rubble on your Leader. If you ever collect 3 Rubble, you must immediately discard them to the general supply. Then, draw a Weapon or Item card.

  • Pick up all Eggs in your space. Place them on your Leader. You may carry any number of Eggs.

    Note: After performing this action, you cannot perform any additional actions.

  • Deliver 1 Egg you are carrying. To deliver an Egg, you must have an Egg in your possession and be in a Location. If you deliver an Egg without a Bounty, you score 1 Victory Point. Take a VP token from the supply as a reward and discard the Egg to the supply.

    However, if you deliver an Egg that fulfills 1 of the 4 face-up Bounties in the Bounty Line displayed at the top of the board, or possibly a Hidden Bounty card you have in hand, you score even more points! Do not take a VP token.

    Instead, discard the delivered Egg and place the Bounty card under your Leader so only the point total is showing. Be sure to draw a new Bounty card to refill the Bounty Line to 4 cards, if needed. Note: You may only complete 1Bounty per Egg, even if 2 Bounties of the same type are displayed.

Delivery Bonus

Whether you deliver an Egg with or without a Bounty, you receive a Bonus based on the Location to which you deliver it. No matter how many deliveries you complete in a turn, you only receive 1 Delivery Bonus per turn. Delivery Bonuses are as follows:

General Store: Draw an Item card.

Motel: Gain 1 VP token.

State Police: Draw a Weapon card.

Government Facility: Draw a card from the Bounty Line or from the top of the Bounty deck and place it face down near your Leader card. This is now a Hidden Bounty. Then, if needed, draw a new Bounty card to refill the Bounty Line to 4 cards.

Hidden Bounty cards are Bounties that only you can complete.

Remember: When a player delivers an Egg, they may fulfill the requirements on a Bounty on display or a Hidden Bounty card in their possession.

Hospital: Bring a dead character in your Squad back to life. Flip the card face up and place it underneath your current Leader card.

Resolve Special Abilities

Each Vehicle card has an ability that must be performed.

Higher-numbered cards have negative abilities, while lower-numbered cards have positive abilities.

Follow the instructions on the card to perform the ability.

Item and Weapon Cards

Whenever you collect 3 Rubble, you must immediately return the Rubble to the supply and draw the top card from the Item or Weapon deck.

Items and Weapons may not be used on the turn they are acquired; however, Worms always attack between turns. This means that if a Worm attacks immediately after your turn is over, you may use any newly-acquired Weapons against that Worm.

Item and Weapon cards are kept hidden from other players until played from your hand. Be sure to read each card carefully, as it will tell you when and how the ability may be used.

Item cards generally include special abilities that a player may use on their turn to break the rules-many times they will also give the player a VP for doing so. Weapon cards are generally used during a Worm Attack to hunt Worms.

3. Refill Hand to 3 Cards

When your turn is over, draw Vehicle cards until you have refilled your hand to 3.

Before the next player takes their turn, check for a...

Worm Attack

In the lower right-hand corner of each Worm card is their card limit. This number denotes how many Vehicle cards can be played on a Worm before it attacks.

If there are Vehicle cards on a Worm equal to the number shown, it attacks before the next player takes their turn.

To Resolve a worm Attack:

  1. Check to see if there are any face-down cards on the Worm.

    If there are, flip them over and resolve them as you would during the Distraction step. If there are multiple face-down cards, resolve cards in the order they were played.

  2. Place an Egg matching the color of the Attacking Worm on the space where the Target token is now located. If this is The Queen, a Rubble is placed at center, and an Egg of each color is placed 1 space adjacent as shown on the card.

    Then, place 1 piece of Rubble in each shaded space displayed on the card. If Rubble is already on that space, add another to it. Remember, a maximum of 2 Rubble is allowed per space.

  3. After the Worm Attack has been fully resolved, discard the Worm to the Worm discard pile, draw a new Worm card to replace it, and place the new Worm's Target token on the appropriate grid coordinates.

Exception: Rubble and Eggs can never be placed on a Location. If an Egg would be placed on a Location, resolve all Rubble as normal. Roll both coordinate dice and place the Egg in the resulting space. If Rubble would be placed on a Location, it is not placed.

If a player's pawn is in any space where Rubble or Eggs are added, they are caught in the attack. That player's Leader might die unless the Worm can be defeated or an Item is used for protection. Note: a player inside a Location cannot hunt, nor be attacked by a Worm, unless the Target token lands exactly on the Location.

Hunting a Worm

If your pawn is caught in the Worm's attack, you have an opportunity to attack the Worm with any Weapons you have acquired.

Follow the instructions on the Weapon or Item cards you use. However, if you are unsuccessful, your Leader dies.

Multiple players may be caught in the same Worm Attack. If this is the case, the last player to take a turn has an opportunity to attack the Worm first, followed by the next player in clockwise order, and so on.

Defeating a Worm

A Worm card shows the Worm's health total. If the combined total of damage dealt to the Worm by all players caught in the attack is equal to or higher than the Worm's health, you have defeated the Worm. Any players caught in the attack are safe. Rubble and Eggs are still placed as usual.

The player that deals the killing blow receives credit for defeating the Worm and receives 1 VP token.

However, if one of the Hunting Bounties in the Bounty Line matches the Worm type- or if you have a Hidden Bounty that matches-do not take a VP token.

Instead, show this Bounty to all players and slide it under your Leader so that the points are visible. If this Bounty is taken from the Bounty Line, be sure to draw a new Bounty card to refill the Bounty Line to 4 cards.

Note: You may only complete 1 Bounty per kill, even if 2 Bounties of the same type are displayed.


If there are any players caught in the Worm's attack, and they cannot defeat it, their Leader is killed. Drop all Rubble and Eggs you are carrying onto your current space.

If placing Rubble would exceed the maximum 2 pieces per space, any excess is returned to the supply. Any active Item or Weapon that is face up near your Leader is also discarded. Then, remove your player pawn from the board.

Flip your character to their deceased side and set it aside. Choose a new Leader from your remaining squad members and place it on top of your remaining characters.

On your next turn, you will begin your turn by placing your pawn on an unoccupied Location of your choice and then performing your turn as normal.

End of the Game

The game ends immediately if a player reaches 20 Victory Points. That player is the winner!

But, if any player's entire squad is killed, they are eliminated from the game. All other players receive 1 final turn, and if they are still alive, the player with the most VP wins!

If there is a tie, the player with the most completed Bounties wins. Otherwise, share your victory!

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