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  • 240 Taboo for Kids cards
  • Game board
  • 2 Pawns
  • Sand Timer
  • Squeaker
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to reach the Star space on the gameboard by correctly guessing the most words.


How do you get your team to say PRINCESS when you can't say ROYAL or QUEEN?

You might say:

''This girl's dad is a king.''

''Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel were these".

''The what and the pea?''

As you call out the clues, your teammates shout out the answers. So think fast and talk fast-but don't say a TABOO word, or you'll get squeaked!


  • Form two teams. It doesn't matter if one team has one more player than the other one. Teammates sit together, facing the other team.

  • Place the two pawns on the Start space on the gameboard path. Each team chooses a pawn.

  • Separate the cards into their 4 colored categories, and place the 4 decks near the gameboard. The 4 categories are: Red (Road Trip) Blue (Sports & Games) Purple (When I Grow Up) Green (ABCs)

  • Choose a team to go first. Teams will alternate turns during the game.

Game Play

On your team's turn:

  1. Pick one player to be the Clue-giver. The role of the Clue- giver will alternate with each team's turn, so that everyone gets a chance.

  2. If you're the Clue-giver, you must go sit with the other team, so that they can keep an eye on you as you give the clues to your teammates!

    The team that's not giving the clues puts one player in charge of the timer, and another player in charge of the squeaker.

  3. When you're ready, take a card from any deck (your choice) and turn it over so that your teammates can't see the words you're looking at.

  4. As you pick up the first card, the player in charge of the timer will turn it over, and the player in charge of the squeaker will squeeze it to signal the start of your turn.

  5. As quickly as you can, give clues for the Guess Word on the card.

    You can use single words or complete sentences, but make sure you don't say the two TABOO words (see Getting Squeaked)! Your teammates shout out answers, trying to guess the word.

  6. If your teammates guess the word, place the card aside. Then, if you have time left, take a card from any deck, turn it over, and give clues for the Guess Word on that card.

    Each time your team correctly guesses a word, you earn a point (see Scoring). There's no penalty for wrong answers.

  7. Keep playing until the sand in the timer runs out. The player in charge of the squeaker will squeak it several times to signal that your turn is over.

    Stop giving clues. If a word is not guessed before time runs out, place the card in the discard pile, next to the matching-color pile.

Getting Squeaked

As you're giving clues, the other team will carefully listen. If you use either of the two TABOO words, or if you break any of the Rules for Giving Clues, the player in charge of the squeaker will squeak it.

If you get squeaked, place the card in the discard pile. Then quickly pick up another card from any deck and continue your turn if there's still time.

Rules for Giving Clues

  • Any form of a TABOO word is not allowed. For example: If ''student'' is a TABOO word, you can't say ''study.''

  • You can't use abbreviations or initials for any word on the card. For example: If a word is ''television,'' you can't say ''TV.''

  • You can't say that the Guess Word ''sounds like'' or "rhymes with" another word.

Passing a Card

If you're having trouble getting your teammates to guess a word, you may pass on that card.

Just place it in the discard pile, then draw another card from any deck if there's still time.


When your turn is over, count the number of cards you set aside (cards with correctly-guessed words). That's the number of points your team scored for that turn. Move your pawn that many spaces along the gameboard path.

Then place the cards in the discard pile, and go sit with your team again. It is now the other team's turn to send a player to sit with your team and be the Clue-giver!

End of the Game

The first team to reach the large red Star space at the end of their gameboard path wins the game!

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